3 Myths about Brochure Marketing (And the Facts)

3 Myths about Brochure Marketing (And the Facts)

Many people will criticise if you tell them you are getting ready to run a brochure marketing campaign. They will inform you that print is dead and that nobody wants to read through a brochure anymore when everything is on the internet. They will tell you that brochures are not used in the industry anymore. But these people are wrong. The idea that brochures are not relevant or necessary today is by no means true. Here we tell you exactly what myths surround print marketing and brochure printing today, and what the reality is for modern businesses.

Myth #1: Brochures are Ineffective

False. There are many reasons why brochures work in today’s marketing mix. If you take a look you will see how many of the biggest companies still distribute brochures, and why at trade fairs and exhibitions every exhibitor on their display stands has brochures to hand out. Brochures are effective because you can give prospective clients and customers the insider knowledge about your company. You can provide information so they want to find out more. Brochures are ideal for hooking people into your business. And, as you will see next, they are surprisingly cost effective.

Myth #2: Brochure Printing is Too Expensive

People claim that, compared to running content on a free website, brochure printing is prohibitively expensive. It may be true that in the past printing services were one of the most expensive things you could use in marketing, but today the price is affordable and within the reach of any company. Depending on what you want to create you can choose a brochure printing service to suit your budget. Websites may be free to create yourself but consider the hosting, the upkeep, and the amount you spend getting it right and you realize that brochure printing and things like flyer printing are not as expensive as they seem.

Myth #3: Brochures are Limited and Limiting

Many people feel that in order to use brochures you need to mail them out to people in a direct marketing campaign. These people are not interested in brochures because they do not like direct marketing. But brochure marketing is actually highly flexible and there are a number of situations where you can use brochures to good effect. For example, you can have brochures printed to leave behind with clients when you have finished a meeting. You can use brochures as a free takeaway at the checkout when people are making a purchase. You can use a brochure as a response when someone requests more information about your company or your products. And you can use brochures as part of your presentation or your exhibitions stands. Brochures are versatile and the best thing is you can create different brochures for different types of clients or different product lines. You can produce brochures that are highly specific to one event, and give timely information about a certain service that you are promoting at the time.


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