5 Qualities You Must Look For While Shopping Pearls

5 Qualities You Must Look For While Shopping Pearls

Pearls are not stuff that you can buy off the rack. They are precious gemstones of great value and sanctity. Wearing an original and authentic pearl as gemstone will blow the winds of luck and divinity into your life.

Know the basic qualities every real pearl will have to stay clear of fake and inferior quality pearls.

  1. Lustre

Lustre is basically the amount of light reflected by a surface. Pearls shine the best and have a dull but prominent glow. Original pearls like akoya pearls will have a superior lustre which resembles a mirror-life reflection. Better the lustre better is the quality of the pearls. Inspect the pearl under both bright light and dull light conditions to see its true lustre.

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  1. Surface

The surface of a pearl is not completely smooth OR smudges free. It will have slight blemishes and marks that are formed as a result of the reaction within the oyster shell. A pearl without any marks or blemishes can be regarded of high quality. Fewer surface imperfections improve the glow and also the lustre of the pearl.

  1. Shape

Round is the shape in which most pearls come. Other shapes like teardrop, button, oval and baroque are also commonly found. Perfectly round pearls command a high price in the market. It is with years of natural occurrences that a perfectly round pearl are formed. Akoya pearls are considered to possess a perfect round shape. Depend on the unique shape; the price of the pearl may also vary.

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  1. Colour

The colour of a pearl will vary on the oyster that produces it. A rare shade or colour of pearl will invariably command a high price than a common one. The most common colours of pearls include pink, cream, green, black and blue. White and pink are the most popular pearl colours. The rarest shades include gold, peacock blue and green.

  1. Size

The size of pearl is what determines the price range of a pearl. It is directly proportional to the price, implying bigger the size, higher the price. The average size of pearls is ranges from 3mm to 10mm and in rare cases can even go up to 18mm.

These are the qualities that are evaluated in a pearl before a price tag it put on it. Know them, look for them and make your own judgement before you pay the price the jeweller asks for.


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