5 Reasons To Go For Cigarette Tubes Instead Of Buying Cigarettes Over The Counter

5 Reasons To Go For Cigarette Tubes Instead Of Buying Cigarettes Over The Counter

Are you aware of the act that you can make cigarettes out of some tobacco and a couple of cigarette tubes at your home even? Does this sound crazy to you? Are you thinking that this will be a very time consuming process? Do you know many smokers have now taken the path of buying these tubes from online stores or shops and are quite happy with the results? In fact, these tubes are available at very competitive price in the market today.

So, let us explore all the five reasons because of which smokers are now going for cigarette tubes instead of buying cigarette over the counter.

  • It saves a lot of your hard earned money of your parents or your own (if you are working) as you are able to make cigarettes pretty easily. You can now spend the saved money on something more vital for you. After all, it is a known fact that cigarettes are quite expensive and an average smoker spends a good amount every month on cigarettes.
  • It allows you to have the feasibility of smoking your choicest flavor of tobacco by shelling only peanuts! This is because even tobacco is available in innumerable flavors like cherry, vanilla, menthol, mellow, Cavendish, etc.
  • It gives the liberty to smoke anything you want comfortably just like a cigarette. For example, you can stuff your tubes with weeds, natural herbs or anything. You can also experiment and can mix two or more flavors to create a unique flavored tobacco to be stuffed in your DIY cigarettes.
  • You can never run short of cigarette packs once you have mastered the art of making cigarettes by tubes, some tobacco and an injector as it takes only a few minutes to make a cigarette out of a tube with the help of an injector. Even injectors are available at very cheap price.
  • You can actually surprise your friends (those who love to smoke) by gifting them a few DIY cigarette packs of flavors that they would love!

Choose from an array of tubes

As told above, choices are available not only in terms of purchasing tobacco and injectors, but also a variety of cigarette tubes are available online on the reputed stores which are onto the business of catering to the demands of its clientele regarding smoking supplies. Some of the cigarette tubes that you can readily purchase to start making your very own personalized cigarettes instead of shelling out a huge amount for branded packs of cigarettes are including but not limited to the following ones.

  • Good times tubes
  • Golden Harvest Tubes
  • Zen Tubes
  • Premier Tubes
  • Hot Rod Tubes
  • Gambler Tubes
  • Vera Cruz Tubes
  • Zig Zag Tubes
  • Top Tubes
  • El Rey Tubes
  • Beretta Tubes
  • Bugler Tubes
  • Shargio Tubes
  • Damaged Tubes

So, now surely you can agree that there are enough reasons to go for tubes and enjoy a puff, especially when things can be attained at minimum hassle.

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