5 Steps to Write Literary Research Paper

Research paper writing in literature, like any other form of paper writing involves a lot of systematic and diligent work. You must not consider the act of literary research writing as a product of any genius, but must look at it as hard labor. It follows the same format as scientific research involving thinking of a hypothesis, collection of data, checking this data against the hypothesis, and lastly arriving at a conclusion. A literary research paper involves an engagement in a discussion that can date back to many years and can involve any amount of scholarly opinions. You act as an informed participant in that discussion. You can also take help from EssayDragons research paper writing service.

The 5 Steps to be followed

Firstly, choose a subject of your choice and begin with a hypothesis. You must read carefully to notice certain things within a text like a recurring style or concept of writing or a passage which may need to be explained. Choose any text which inspires you, or some theme which you recognize to be oft repeated in the text. Analyze the specialty of the theme which makes it significant in the context of the text? Does understand the one specific theme let you explain other, even bigger issues within the text? Doing this, will let you have your own ideas, along with your working hypothesis.

Next step is to collect your sources. After you collect all the necessary sources, compile one listing in MS Word, and also get a printout. The list must definitely contain all the bibliographical information you will require to write the books, book chapters, or articles. Later, it can even act as a framework for your paper’s citation page. Use the list to check out all the necessary books and get a photocopy of all the book chapters, or articles that appear relevant. Check out the first portion of every article to confirm if the author’s writing aids you in your research or provides any interesting perspective.

The third step is to engage in some research. Read all the sources that you have collected. Be attentive to important arguments relating to your research paper. Jot down notes in a comfortable and thorough manner. Use this step as an opportunity to understand the authors’ viewpoint. Be alert about the opinions mentioned in the critical appraisals of any work you are writing about. You may come across some particular reception pattern, and if your opinion on the text questions this pattern or highlights its inadequacies, you have a material that can alter the way this text gets reviewed in the future.

The fourth step after doing good research is to makes a mental map. Though the outlines or mapping can prove to be very useful to you while approaching any writing for your research paper, they can also prove to be much more useful to a reader who would be reading your research paper. Therefore, the more precisely you map your research paper, the better organized your argument will be. Hence, your audience will have an easier time while following it and it will prove to be more productive and persuasive. An uncluttered and organized research paper will make your audience understand your view point.

The last step is to begin writing. Start with your intro, then move across your outline. You can move across paragraphs in case you discover connections that you did not see before that supports your viewpoint. You can also present critics’ views even if they disagree with you. Keep in mind the main point, which each paragraph is making.

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