6 Ways Pop-Up Banners are good for Business

6 Ways Pop-Up Banners are good for Business

There are many ways to refer to banner stands including roller banners and pop-up banners but no matter what you choose to call them, they can be excellent for business. If you use these marketing tools effectively you can enjoy a great return on your investment and help to create a better brand presence. Roller banners may alert customers to a special offer, or display information about your company at a trade show. Roller banners could help to promote your brand at a conference or direct customers to your store. Here is the detail on why pop-up banners are good for business.

  1. Cost Effective

Many marketing materials are expensive but pop-up banners are surprisingly cost effective. You can reuse them many times and the price you pay is small in comparison to the ROI you can expect. It’s also a one-off purchase – you don’t need to worry about budgeting in the future for additional purchases.

  1. Easy to Set Up

Compared to other forms of display, roller banners are probably the easiest to set up and take down – ideal when you have a busy day ahead of you at a trade fair. The pop-up display is so-called because you simply “pop” it open by pulling up the banner from the case. They are called roller banners because they are stored in a roll then extended and hooked at the top. Anyone can erect them, and they stay upright thanks to a pole and support stand.

  1. Easy to Store

Banners from http://www.rollerbannersuk.com come with a storage case – in most instances, this is padded for extra protection. The storage case makes it easy to keep the banner safe and secure when not in use. Because the roller banner rolls down to a tube shape you do not need much space to store it, compared to bulkier banners that take up precious space in the office or shop.

  1. Hardwearing

This type of banner is durable and hardwearing, so you can be sure you will get plenty of use from it. Both the material used for the banner and the graphics printed on it are made to last – considering that you order your banner from a specialist. Choose a banner with a sturdy frame and base.

  1. Easy to Carry

Even if you are traveling to an exhibition on the train you can carry your banner with you as it rolls up into its handy travel case. Of course, roller banners are easy to transport by car and you won’t have any problems taking them through the exhibition hall.

  1. Fit in a Small Space

If you have a small shop or a small display area at the trade show, choose a roller banner in a compact size. You won’t need to worry about it fitting in – you’ll have plenty of room left over for your promotional materials, table, and literature. Because these banners come up from the floor and are thin, they don’t take up much floor space but they have a lot of impact.


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