7 Outstanding Steps You Should Take For Successful Brand Building

7 Outstanding Steps You Should Take For Successful Brand Building

Every business is in need of brand building, but not necessarily everyone knows from where to start. It should be remembered that while running brand building programs, quality should be considered on priority rather than budget.

Also, it is advisable to spend a sizable part of a brand-building budget on getting genuinely effective brand-building initiatives. There will be higher chances of getting brand-building home runs if one or more of the following methods and standpoints shared by the experts at BrandQuest are used.

1. External Examples

Look for a business that faced a similar problem or task and dealt successfully with it and just do what they did. However, don’t limit your search to businesses that resemble you, but have a broader outlook.

For example, a retail bank having a wide range of financial services and products may look at another business which may not necessarily be a bank but has launched several internal as well as external programs that offer their brand a knowledgeable, friendly and approachable face.

2. The Experience with the Brand

Recognise all current and potential brand touch points. Assess them by segment, find the importance of the touch point for the customer relationship, prioritise touch points by cost of upgrading and build an action plan.

Check the customers’ needs and problems and the experience of encountering with them. Check if that can be improved.

3. Motivations and Unmet Requirements of Customers

Since customers hide motivations sometimes and don’t know of their unmet requirements, indirect approaches like anthropological surveys can help. E.g. a company conducted studies of the laundry habits of Mexican women experiencing shortage of water and time, and created their top detergent product.

Brand teams can even leverage their experience and knowledge to design programs that may break with a tradition.

4. Using Customer Sweet Spots

Building a brand is all about connecting the brand and its vision to customers. You can take a different approach by making the brand participate actively in an area of customers’ interest and passion.

5. Making Use of Competitors’ Weakness

Check your competitor’s weakness, even for “potential reasons of not to purchase” and try to position them and your brand.

Check emerging markets or segments since they might offer a pathway not only towards growth, but a brand refresher too. Remember how it was found that Arm & Hammer baking soda could be used to deodourise a refrigerator, and that changed the brand forever.

6. Find More Sources for Ideas

Power up all the units in your organisation to suggest ideas to source and test them. You can eve use crowdsourcing. Design a well-defined briefing that can engage one of the several crowdsourcing sites. Ask customers for ideas. Many companies have got excellent branding ideas from their customers.

7. Quick Tips on Branding

To build your brand successfully, a brand strategy firm such as BrandQuest suggests the following tips:

  • While paying attention to your customers’ needs, you should also take ownership of your brand, i.e. you should have control over how your brand should appear to them.
  • Be honest about your brand. If you don’t trust your brand, even others won’t.
  • Remember to keep your brand simple, by concentrating only on a few key brand values.
  • Have consistency. Every facet of your business should make customers think the same way about your business.
  • Make sure all your systems are helping to support your brand.
  • Make your employees a part of your brand building. Make sure your brand is understood by them.
  • Make sure your brand is communicated through every advertisement, letter and brochure. Use your logo everywhere and make sure about consistent quality.

Successful brand building is not easy, but it’s not even impossible. If you carefully take steps and keep learning about the process, you will surely get success!


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