A Complete Guide on how to Avoid Conflicts in the Workplace

A Complete Guide on how to Avoid Conflicts in the Workplace

Preventing conflicts in the workplace is about communication and setting expectations. It is not like being in a relationship or raising kids where you need to understand the needs of your spouse or children to get along and grow together. The same goes for the work environment but of course on a different level. The following are some tips on avoiding conflicts at work.

Address Problems Before they Become Worse

Handling problems on the job as they take place and before they become uncontrollable is a big step to avoid conflict. It can be a little uncomfortable to confront the problem; however, it will help you avoid costly conflicts in the long run.

Consider handling issues face to face and directly. Avoid battling by email and flaming someone in email since you cannot personally see the other party and measure his response. In case you got three emails on a certain subject with no understanding, visit the other person or pick up the phone to communicate.

Define your Expectations

Defining what you expect to do and what the other person is expected to do promotes mutual understanding and respect. In case you don’t understand clearly what others expect from you or the way you work will be evaluated, approach your manager and clear your confusion.


You have probably tried being in a situation where you learned that the individual you were talking to did not actually get what you tried to tell him. This means that he was not listening. This is because two-way communication does not exist and the two people disconnect. It is best to be an effective listener. Provide the individual you are talking to your full attention and listen to what he is saying. If you don’t understand, don’t hesitate to ask questions while ensuring that you still give him the floor. Careful listening allows you to know about what is expected, problems that are likely to be resolved and the way you are likely to be disconnected from a work mate. Considering getting more tips on avoiding conflicts at work at jobgear.co.uk.


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