A Few Words On FIFA Games

A Few Words On FIFA Games

FIFA games refer to the famous set of soccer games which are a top favorite among the online gaming enthusiasts today. Each year EA Sports releases a new version and till date 22 versions have been released since the year 1993. Since its beginning in early 1990s, FIFA game created record by being the 1st ever to secure FIFA’s official license. The latest versions feature several exclusively-licensed soccer leagues & squads from all across the globe. These include Bundesliga, EPL, Football League, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, Primeira Liga, Campeonato Brasileiro Série A, Eredivisie, Liga MX, MLS, Ligue 1, K-League & A-League. Thus, the players here are allowed to real leagues, player & club names.

The gamers here use Fifa coins to purchase the players, consumables & packs in Ultimate Team. The coins appear –

  • Upon completion of game
  • Through selling of players
  • Chance of map in the packs
  • By depositing the players
  • As a form of reward from tournament victory.

The main FIFA series is complemented by several additional installments on the basis of single major soccer tournaments like World Cup, UEFA Champions League & UEFA Euro Football Championship- plus different soccer management titles.

By the year 2011, FIFA games has been adapted into as many as 18 languages & made available in fifty-one nations. This famous gaming series is reported to have sold over 100 mn copies throughout the world. Today it’s the best selling & # 1 sports video gaming franchise. Lionel Messi has been gracing the cover page of the FIFA games – as well as in the promotional campaigns & advertisements- since FIFA 13. Before him, it was Wayne Rooney who was in the domination position on the FIFA cover page for 7 years straight from the FIFA 06 till FIFA 12.

The latest release of FIFA games franchise is the all-new FIFA 15. The version was released last year in September in North America & then in Europe & UK. The Tagline for the new 15 version is “Feel the game”.

The cover athletes of the FIFA 15 are Lionel Messi, eden Hazard, Gonzalo Higuain, Clint Dempsey, Tim Cahill, Robert, Lewandowski, David Alaba, Xherdan Shaqiri, Javier Hernandez, Arturo Vidal, Michael Kadlec, arda Turan, Atsuto Uchida, Yahya Al-shehri & Ribin Van Persie.

The currency to play FIFA 15 is Fifa 15 coins.

The version is launched for PlayStation 3, 4, PlayStation Vita, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Android, iOS, Wii & Nintendo 3DS.


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