A Popular and Long Acting Injectable Testosterone

TestosteronDecanoate is one of the most popular anabolic injectable testosterone available in the market for testosterone replacement therapy. This is one of the forms of testosterone usually recommended for men suffering from hypogonadism which is a state where the body does not produce enough testosterone, which is necessary for proper growth and functioning of the body in males. But as like other forms of testosterone this is also used popularly for non-medical reasons by bodybuilders and athletes for high performance, increased muscle growth and strength. Testosterone decanoate is one of the largersingle ester testosterone compounds available and is well known under the brand Neotest 250 which is no longer available now because it was abused by many bodybuilders for performance enhancement. This was an over-the-counter injectable testosterone. This steroid acts very slow, released the hormone slowly and steadily into the body after a single injection is taken. This was not actually recommended for bodybuilding or for even testosterone therapy as like other products available on the market since it is primarily used by veterinarians.

How it works and what are its functions and side effects:

Testosterone Decanoate is one of the forms of testosterone which acts for long time in the body after it is injected. This is one of the longest ester based steroid available in the market. It has gained its popularity among the bodybuilders and performance enhancers because of its long half-life activity hence, the need of taking this steroid injection will be somewhat infrequent. It has approximately half-life of 15 days due to the decanoate ester. This is a powerful anabolic-androgenic steroid that rapidly increases lean muscle tissue. Despite of its side effects, it was primarily used by performance enhancers. Testosterone Decanoate is a versatile anabolic steroid that promotes the actions in the body desired by all performance enhancing athletes. It helps in retaining nitrogen in muscle tissue where nitrogen is the key component for the muscle growth and mass. Hence, it promotes muscle recovery fast. Protein synthesis is very important to happen for muscle building and this steroid enhances protein synthesis. The count of red blood cells which is responsible to carry oxygen to and through the blood is increased. More red blood cells means more oxygen is carried to muscle tissues which in turn build more muscles mass. It reduces the release of stress hormones into the body. For patients with low testosterone suffering from all medical conditions related to testosterone deficiency this steroid will work like a miracle enhancing the testosterone levels and thus promotes proper body functioning in all aspects.

Besides all these functions of this steroid, it also has many side effects on the body when used for performance enhancing without having any medical issue with testosterone levels. Each men differently reacts to testosterone decanoate as some will not get affected by this steroid even the testosterone levels is high and some will suffer from side effects. Some of the side effects usually seen are water retention due to its estrogenic nature. Increased body hair and increased hair loss resulting in baldness due to its androgenic nature. If sufficient or proper dosage is not taken it can lead to high blood pressure in the patients. The continuous and improper use of this steroid leads to liver damage in the long run. People will not be able to find Neotest-250 in online and as well as in over-the-counter. So, without a prescription it is not advisable to buy this steroid as it is more abused by users. Hence, with proper prescription from doctor and with their recommendation only one should take this steroid to avoid complications further.


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