Animals are best companion for humans

Dogs are considered to be a best companion for humans from many years. Most of them obtain a dog at their home out of their interest. With such necessity, these days’ people who are disabled or elder can get a therapeutic support with the help of an emotional support animal. Emotional support animal is nothing but a dog or any other animal that acts as a companion to those who have psychological problems. This will be proved only after a doctor determines that the patient is suffering with mental illness and requires a companionship with the help of an emotional support animal. After doing some tests the doctor confirms the health condition of the person and writes an emotional support animal prescription which helps the patient to get companionship from the animal. This allows the patient to keep the emotional support animal in no pet’s houses or can travel in aircraft with them without any difficulties.

Emotional support animals are not like service dogs which are trained, but little training is been given as per the pet standards that includes toilet training and some good habits which will not disturb any other person. It is also important for a dog to not cause any issues with other people or neighbors and should not bark for long time. Studies have shown that there are certain health benefits for those who have pets at home and they include reduced stress levels, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, better mental health, reduced stress levels, more opportunities for exercise, lower triglyceride and so on.

There are various emotional support animal services online which help in providing emotional support animal prescription to those who are disabled. They just have to look for the best website and needs to complete an online exam which is related to the medical task. After completing the exam, if you are not approved then the amount is been refunded and if you are eligible then you need to choose the treatment plan that applies to the person accurately. A patient is allowed to choose from the packages or a travel plan. The most affordable plan is care plan which is for 1 year and it needs to be renewed after one year before the date of issue and it costs some amount for the documentation. The other plan is compassion plan which has no expiration. Travel plan is another letter which is only approved for airlines and is not eligible for houses. So, depending on the requirement one should choose the plan. When you write the exam, the medical paperwork will be reviewed and informs you with the approval within a time limit of 48 hours. Most of the qualifying conditions may include stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia.

So, if you need an emotional support animal, then look for the best website and go with the process and get approvals for getting support from the animal. It is really a best option for those who are suffering with mental illness by getting best support from the animal. You can easily get approval from online by choosing the best website. There are various people who are getting qualified for such disorders. This can help to get recover soon from their illness by getting good companionship. The process for getting approval will take 2 to 3 business days and helps in providing with a letter that states that the person is disabled and is eligible for an emotional support animal for a certain period. Thus, follow the simple steps and get instant approval for your disability and get benefited with the emotional support animal.


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