Apple iPhone 8 Plus all set to make a breakthrough with its brand new features!

Apple iPhone 8 Plus all set to make a breakthrough with its brand new features!

In this age, one can hardly imagine the life without a smartphone. It offers a number of services, and that is why every user loves to have at least one smartphone with him. The applications on various operating systems have made it easy for the user to carryout different activities and perform various tasks. It has tremendous utility whether one wants to monitor health or finance. One can easily pay utility bills and also communicate to anybody using various messengers so that he does not need to call or send a message also. Due to all such features, only the smartphone is much popular, and that is why some of the brands which were in a production of other appliances have also turned to the manufacturing of smartphones. Among such brands, the Apple Corporation is leading.

Apple is one of the most famous electronic device brands which have made its brand name through its high-functioning smartphones. Apple was founded way back in 1976 Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. It has revolutionized the use of cell phones as we know it now by introducing the ‘iPhone.’ iPhone is the Apple’s own line-up of smartphones, created, designed and marketed by Apple Inc. Released back in 2007, the first generation iPhone was called a‘game changer’ for the mobile phone industry.

Marking the 10th anniversary of the launch of first iPhone, this year Apple is celebrating the occasion with the launch of iPhone 8 Plus. It features a radical design with edge to edge display and removal of an iconic home button of iPhone. Through this phone, it has moved away from the aluminium body used in the latest iPhones to the glass body of iPhone 4. It is saidthat the glass exterior is built around a polished stainless steel body inside, which will be better for resisting water. 91 mobiles will give an insight into the features of the phone.

Display and Screen

The Apple iPhone 8 Plus boasts an OLED retina display on its 5.5 inches full HD IPS LCD screen which has a pixel density of 401 Pixels per inch. This smartphone has an advanced generation of 3D touch technology which is only available in the Apple phones and thus makes this model stand out from the rest of the smartphones available in the market.


The Apple iPhone 8 Plus uses the iOS v11 as its operating system and the hexa-core processor is seated on the latest chipset of A11 Bionic, and it the most recent and best chipset ever. This processor is designed to make the phone perform 25 percent faster than the previous iPhones as claimed by the company. The 64-bit architecture and the 2GB RAM makes sure that the phone runs without any lag or stoppage. The design and interface are also features that attract the buyers who love to have branded device.


The Apple iPhone 8 Plus has a 12MP + 12 MP dual primary camera and a 7 MP front camera. The primary camera is further enhanced with the help of back-illuminated sensor and autofocus, and the features like optical image stabilization allow one to take immaculate pictures which are blue free even when in motion. The Digital zoom is 10x on images that are clicked on the camera and 6x on any video that is recorded on the phone. The front camera is powered with 2.2f aperture and retina flash which helps the user to click selfies even in low light conditions. The camera resolution is one of the primary drivers that attract the buyers to get this excellent device.

Battery and Storage

The phone draws its power from the lithium-ion battery, and this makes sure that the phone goes on for long hours. The back panel of this smartphone is made up of glass,and it ensures wireless charging through the air power charging mat.

The internal storage space of the phone is 64 GB, but there is no provision for external storage since the phone lacks in any SD card slot. Hence the limited memory can be a drawback for the device. The battery of this brand is usually known among the users as a long-lasting one.

Connectivity options

The phone has a single SIM slot which supports 4G SIM card along with voice over LTE, an advanced Wi-Fi band, mobile hotspot, advanced Bluetooth V5, A GPS Glonass and a micro USB 2.0 slot for connecting it via your computer system. For those who love to use NFC ring, there is also feature for the same is provided on this device. The single SIM can be a little problem for the users these days as the majority of the users love to have dual sim device, but the brand lovers can simply ignore this drawback.


The price of the Apple iPhone 8 Plus starts from 73,000 INR and escalates with the difference in features. Clearly, this is one the highest price range phones that is available in the market. However, for this brand, the cost never matters much as the features provided are much worthy than the cost decided by the company.


This is the latest Apple phone and can be a good choice for the Apple users who want to upgrade from the previous versions. The phone is waterproof and has a fingerprint sensor as well.  It has a rather strong operating system and a processor which helps the phone to run at a fast pace without experiencing any lag. The Apple phones define a class, and this phone is nothing different. You can enjoy wireless charging which helps to charge the phone at any place. The camera is fairly good at the given price range, but apple phones offer a number of exciting shooting modes and lighting options which help you during low light conditions. Altogether, this phone is a fairly good choice if Apple is your preference and if you are willing to spend above a lakh to buy a phone.


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