Best Exciting Ways To Enjoy Your Turkey Holidays

There are lots of things for any tourist to do and see in Turkey. It will all depend on your good understanding of the region and all that it offers. You will need to apply for a Turkey tourist visas online or from any Turkish embassy for you to travel to this country. Touted as the meeting place of two continents, the historical nature of its cities dating back to the Ottoman period continues to draw large crowds of visitors. This article highlights some of the things to do and see in this nation on your holiday.

Budget well

It is important to plan for the trip. This will depend on the amount charged at the places you are planning to visit. Where are you going to stay? Are there charges for viewing specific things? Simple answer to these questions will help make a perfect budget that will not see one running out of cash during the trip. It is will be wise if you can stay away from organised services from tour companies as they tend to overcharge visitors. You can plan for a home stay experience as it offers a chance to fully mix with locals.

Visit Antalya

It is one of the biggest cities in the country and has some of the great beaches to visit. You may just find it important to spend a few days on the nearby Islands. There are numerous bars and restaurants in this city with a fantastic night life. Additionally, this city is widely known for its great museums full of ancient artifacts dating back to the Ottoman period. You can easily and cheaply get around by a tram without any risks of insecurity or getting lost. The locals here are very social and friendly.


Perhaps this will be your first stopping point. It happens to be the center of everything in this country. Take your time and choose a nice hotel which can offer a clear view of the sea. There are numerous of them around willing to offer quality service at affordable cost. When here, be sure to visit the numerous museums and mosques together with some ruins. Some of the great places not to miss on include the Blue mosque, Aya Sofia, the Grand Bazaar among others. It will be irresistible to spend some night out at the Taksim square for some entertainment. If you happen to visit this city in March, it hosts the international cultural and arts festival brings many people together from different regions of the world.

Visit Ephesus museum

Perhaps it is one of the places you must have on your list when coming to this country. it is situated near Selcuk and is the perfect pace for anyone who wants to learn something on the history of the nation. Spend some few hours here and pose for some memorable photos.

Visit Ayvalik

Finally, no one visit Turkey and gets out without visiting this seaside town full of Ottoman architecture. It has some cobbled streets with a harbor offering great views of the longest sandy beach in Turkey together with the Aegean Sea. Hope you now have some direction on how to plan for an exciting trip to Turkey.


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