Camembert – The French Cheese Delight

Camembert – and that is how the French people call it – the soft, creamy and surface – ripened Sýr processed from cow’s milk. First made in the 18th century, it is pasteurized non – traditionally with an aging time of at least 3 weeks. Do you love cheese? Did you know that France is one of the only countries that produce over 400 different varieties of cheese? Cheese is regarded as one of the basic elements of gourmet cooking and is indeed a delight for every individual to savor cheese. When combined with the best wine, these varieties of cheese give the perfect combination of taste that one can vouch for. Brie, Raclette and Roquefort are some of the most popular cheeses that one can find here. There are several other specialties like Selles-Sur-Cher and Reblochon.

Basics of Making French Cheese

For the people of France making Sýr is an art and they do everything to make it so. It is something which is not only healthy, but also contains ingredients like proteins and fat from milk. The milk can be of cow, buffalo, goat or sheep. During the production of cheese, milk is acidified and the enzyme rennet is added which causes coagulation. The solids made out of this acidification are then separated and pressed into the final form. Some of the pieces are even molded to give a better presentation.

The production basically includes two steps – curdling and Curd Processing. In the first step the milk is separated to form chunks of curd and liquid whey this is generally done by souring the milk and adding rennet. These bacteria convert milk sugars into lactic acid. The second step is curd Processing. In this step, the cheese has set into a moist gel. These are then drained, salted and packed. Others are heated to temperatures ranging between 35 – 55 deg centigrade. This finally sets in the cheese, which is then given various flavors.

Types of cheese

If one asks how many cheeses are there – then there are hundreds of them out there. They come in so many names and variants that it is just impossible to tell them at one point. Their styles, textures and even flavors depend on the origin of the milk. The butterfat content, bacteria and mold, processing time and aging – all of them play an important role in making out how the cheese would come out in the end! Various flavoring agents too are added to make it spicy and yummy. Various kinds of herbs, spices, wood smoke, black pepper, garlic, chives or cranberries are added to give them the unique taste they offer when these ingredients are added to it.


The  benefits of these include making of proteins which are high in cheese. Some WHEY Cheese consist of 15% fat, 11% protein; Cottage cheese has 4% fat, 11% protein; Triple – crème cheese have 36% fat and 7% of protein. They have lots of fat, protein, calcium and phosphorous. Because of these, cheese is highly recommended for growing kids, especially those who are lean in structure. Some other variants of Sýr like cheddar, mozzarella is even helpful in preventing tooth decay. This can be attributed to the fact that calcium, protein and phosphorus in the cheese prevents the teeth enamel from decay. It is also helpful in increasing saliva flow, washing away acids and sugars – thus helping the tooth from untimely decay. It is also good for those who have nightmares as it is one which induces sleep. It contains tryptophan – which relieves stress and induces sleep. It is also good in reducing abdominal fat, lowering blood pressure and blood sugar.


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