Camping Tips to Stick to if you are Going to Rajasthan’s Deserts

Camping Tips to Stick to if you are Going to Rajasthan’s Deserts

How often do we literally sleep under the starry sky, or amid the thick of the cool breezes that abound in the refreshing, open aura of nature? Never, perhaps! Most of us have become the slaves of the tech-savvy world and remain crippled within the cosy comforts of our bumpy mattresses and velvety blankets. If that is how your lifestyle has been, it is a bet that you have so much more to discover about the word ‘happiness’. It’s time to spread your wings and fly to the vast stretches of the Thar Desert. Wonders await out in the open, as you would come to know!

Every day, numerous flights are booked to Rajasthan, with the most frequent ones from the metropolitan cities to the magnificent places of Rajasthan. These days as the Rajasthan Tourism ad —Jaane Kya Dikh Jaaye— is making rounds, it is time to explore this whole buzz that speaks of the many marvels of the state yet unseen by many. MeeraSthan, JaneSthan, AryaSthan, HuanGshan, BinoySthan — the state is counting and inventing its blessings in many new ways and you need to witness that. Catch the next Mumbai to Jaipur flights from the western part of India or board the Bangalore to Jaisalmer flights coming from south. Nothing can be a reason enough to stomp over your sense of exhilaration and pursue the banal. Rajasthan and its wonders await you. If you put up in a nearby city, then it’s best to take a cab or a bus. For an economical journey, the train route is quite ubiquitous. So, choose one, as per your convenience.

Well, many kinds of souls, like photography buffs, nature lovers, history maniacs, and especially the adventure aficionados, look forward to the thrilling and mystical experiences in the vast sands of the Great Indian Desert. This desert of Rajasthan is quite adored by the families and friends for a 2-day adventure trip and excellent leisure experience. If you too are looking forward to the desert camping, here are a few things which are bound to be your definite helping hand. Keep these simple tips in mind and make our desert camping convenient, memorable and enthrilling to the very core.

It is true indeed that the environment in deserts can be harsh to camp in, especially for those visitors who do not live in places with broiling temperatures. So, it would be better to wisely choose the time you should go for camping. Avoid the scorching months of June-July-August or the freezing months of November-December-January. Go for the tour when the weather is quite pleasant.

Some indispensable things to stuff your backpacks with include a good sunscreen with a decent SPF, insect repellants, suitable medication, a torch or a flashlight with plenty of batteries, a Swiss knife, woollen clothes or a blanket for the night time (desert nights are quite chilly), soft-coloured summer apparels like sleeveless tees, short pants, or skirts and sunglasses. You can also take a nice hat or cap; besides acting as sun-protection, they even make you look pretty. After all, it’s always pleasant to look energized and peppy with your attire and demeanour while camping. Carrying a sleeping bag would be a good idea to keep the night winds or insects at a bay. Do not forget to carry navigational tools, as a desert might make end up making you a Robinson Crusoe. LOL! So, carry a physical map and a compass, as your phones and GPS devices might ditch you.

It’s good to choose a shady place to pitch your tents in. This will prevent intense heating up of the tents.

And most importantly, it is very much required to take care of your health. Eat light food, do not gorge on oily foods or high-carb fats. Drink plenty of water; it will keep you hydrated and perked up. Quenching your thirsts with soft drinks and other mocktails or juices in an excellent way to keep yourself live and active. Watermelons are popular boasts of Jaipur tourism. So, you can get plenty of them there.

So, pack your bags and get set to experience a thrilling trip to the golden sands of Rajasthan.


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