Can you be married and varied?

In our teenage years, we all go through different phases. For some it is a very difficult time, no wonder teenage depression is on the rise. Some of us struggle to get good grades, that with friends acting weird and best friend even weirder and parents probably not understanding. Then the early 20s is the make it or break It age of us transitioning into an adult life where we have responsibilities and we actually regret getting old. The point being that where we thought that we should give up and it’s the end of the world, it actually isn’t and we go through it, on to bigger and better things.

It amazes me how do adults do it? We don’t just stop till being having a career, we then want to spend our lives with someone else, and if that isn’t a wonderful handful, there then comes kids. Life may seem like a beautiful mayhem when you have more than a few of those tiny humans and just getting through every day would seem like a reward. However, where some of us think it’s impossible to have a life with so many responsibilities, there are successful people out there who aren’t only living life but living it just as they want to.

Here’s some inspiration for a fuller life

Madonna– Singer, songwriter, businesswoman and an actress. Madonna who is nearly 60 years old, has 6 children, two of them are adopted. The eldest is 22 and the youngest being 6 years old.

Eddie Murphy– Actor, comedian, writer, singer, and producer. Murphy in his mid-fifties has 9 children. Bet you would have never guessed that.

Armand Peri– An entrepreneur, artist, bodybuilder, real estate investor, and a motivational speaker. Peri who is nearly in his mid-fifties has 4 children. It did not stop him from being a very successful entrepreneur. He believes that “It takes hard work, dedication, and determination to win.”

Jude Law– Is an actor who in his younger years had women swooning over him. Now nearing his fifties and still amazing looking dad, has five kids.

Angelina Jolie– Actress, filmmaker, humanitarian. We all know Angelina Jolie and can agree to her being an amazing actress. Jolie in her early 40s, this would not come as a surprise that Jolie has 6 children.

The crust being…

Now our concern along with inspiration can be, how do these people actually give time to their family and still be successful. Although difficult but not impossible. These parents actually go on having really successful children, only if the upbringing is done in the right way, with no negligence and proper education which is not just restricted to academic education but also provided at home. Few things can be that successful parents teach their kids are to be well-mannered, help develop social skills.Without a doubt, the parents would have high expectations but that should not be translated into pressure if handled well and wholeheartedly.


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