Choosing the right electric razor

Choosing the right electric razor

Shaving is a tedious chore that you perform in the morning to get ready for work. Some men feel shaving is one such thing you have to do because many of them suffer razor burn and skin irritation. If you find a way to shave in a comfortable, fast and which will give you a baby smooth result within less time, electric shavers would be the right choice. The advanced electric shavers are different from razor blade  and you can enjoy a non-skin irritating shave within just a few minutes every morning. Electric razors come in varieties and with many price points. Some works good on thin beard while others not. Some are water proof with automatic cleaning system and it makes you almost confused choosing the best electri c razor for you. For choosing the best one suitable for your skin and beard, you must read electric razor reviews through online. Customer reviews are very helpful in understanding their features and would let you know which type would work out best for you.

What features to look for

When it comes to purchasing an electric razor, expert say’s you must first consider the brand name such as Braun, Philips or Panasonic. High quality branded products last longer and offers you a comfortable shave. Most electric razors are available with a trimmer to deal with longer hairs and to shape sideburns. You must select one that will give you 90 minutes shave after 1 hour charging. Some types are available with quick charge features that can offer you a shave after three to five minutes of charging. Consider choosing one that provides at least two year warranty and check whether the blades, shaving heads and cutters are excluded from the warranty. You can search through each brand electric razor reviews to know more about its features.

Rotary shaver vs foil models

Rotary shavers work quieter and they can handle longer hairs better than foil models. The rotary model offers multiple features and they can handle difficult contours. If you are using a circular motion of shaving with an electric razor then rotary models will be easier for you to use. If you are looking to have a close shave, you can use a foil model. Foil models can be used on sensitive skin and if you are going for a dry shave, apply cream or lotion. Foil models provide long, straight strokes of shaving.

Choosing the best electric razor

If you are looking to buy an electric shaver, picking a brand will be a difficult task. There are so many different models available, which makes difficult to compare between two models. Before you search for brands, decide which technology will work for you. The foil technology will give you a closer shave and you can have shave quicker. The rotary technology is quieter and may cause great irritation for some people. It is important to consider the performance that works well for you. Don’t expect perfection in the first few minutes and each model will give you individual performance. Another choice is whether you want wet shaving or dry shaving. Panasonic is considered to be successful with wet and dry technology. Another decision you have to take whether you must go with cleaning station. Cleaning out the shaver head will take minutes and there are some models available that has to be cleaned under running water. Braun models are easier to clean. Remember, it is very important to consider the availability of parts of the shavers. Norelco shaver parts are more expensive and they require cutting head replacement sooner. Panasonic and Braun heads will cost you the same.


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