Cliff Diving is all About Overcoming One’s Fears

Cliff Diving is all About Overcoming One’s Fears

Of the numerous extreme sports the one that is gaining huge popularity amongst fans is cliff diving. It is a high adrenaline sports, because it consists of the diver jumping of cliff, performing aerial acrobatics and then landing on the water body, expertly. Additionally, cliff diving is done in open areas wherein the chances of taking proper precautions is minimal. Hence, cliff divers consider it a sport wherein the athlete has to face his or her fears every time they make a jump.

The reigning cliff diving champion Gary Hunt opine that in spite of proper training, practice and evaluating all aspects of the sport, the event itself is momentous. It is impossible to evaluate the exact outcome of the jump. In a recent interview Hunt mentioned that he had suffered from fear of heights, before he became a cliff diving champion. According to him, it was his desire to face his fears and overcome the debilitating effect of his fear of heights that made him take up cliff diving as his career as a sportsperson. Hunt believes that every time that he makes a jump, he has to be collected, calm and focussed anew so that the dive is a thorough success.

Some of the exceptional feats that a high diver has to do to become a successful cliff diver are as follows:

  • Hunt believes that a cliff divers has to have nerves of steel. Jumping off from a height of at least 25 meters to hit the cold waters of a river or a sea, requires steady nerves. Additionally, the diver has to ensure that the landing is perfect otherwise it may lead to an untoward situation.
  • All cliff divers are required to perform aerial acrobatics while performing the jump. According to Hunt he can do as many as three somersaults during a jump from a height of 27 meters. These acrobatics provide extra points to the overall score earned by the athlete. Additionally, depending on the difficulty of the acrobatics the athlete also receives extra marks.
  • The Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series have fixed the height of the platform for diving to be between 25 to 27 meters. Additionally, the World Series also allows innovations, like Hunt’s signature running dive, wherein he runs a short distance on the cliff before making a jump. This provides Hunt with the required momentum to perform the aerial acrobatics. Many other cliff diving athletes copy Hunt and perform a running jump, to make the dive all the more interesting.

Thus, Gary Hunt is a strong believer of the fact that cliff diving provides performers with the opportunity to make their own innovations to make the dive all the more interesting to spectators. Hunt began his career as a high diver, but soon went on to become a professional cliff diver. Hunt also has set many a record as a cliff diving champion and continues to awe his fans with his exclusive dives, aerial acrobatics as well as his perfect landing.


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