Common Misconception about Real Estate Agents

Common Misconception about Real Estate Agents

Real estate dealers and online property portal in the form of have almost become synonym to realty market in cities like Bangalore. Most of the property transactions that happen here are either through online mediums or are influenced by internet. This is however no surprise, especially considering the fact that most of the population here is literate and tech savvy. Having said this, the large numbers of property frauds that have been committed here by the unverified agents have left a bad taste amongst the realty customers and they are now averse to dealing with property dealers in Bangalore. Instead, most of them opt for trusted online web portals such as to buy, sell or rent properties in this metropolitan city.

The customers cannot be faulted for their mindset of avoiding the agents altogether. Nonetheless, it is not right to paint all property brokers in Bangalore with the same brush as there are several genuine dealers who rely on this job for their daily living. Here are some of the common misconceptions about real estate agents in India –


Every agent is a fraud

This is the biggest misconception that Real estate dealers in Bangalore and other cities of India have to deal with today. It is true that there have been several misdeeds being committed by unverified agents and the large number of cases in Consumer Forums, Civil Courts, State Commission and National Commission of India just boos this argument. However, one should not forget to take into account the good work done by a large section of the agent fraternity. It is also a known fact that negative news attracts more viewership than the positive one and the good work of property brokers seldom gets highlighted. There are many agents who take up this job for their daily living and are serious professionals. They have devoted their life for the service of this industry and therefore it is important to shed this notion that every agent is a fraud.

It is impossible to find trusted property agents

This is the other misapprehension that people have about the property dealers in Bangalore and other parts of the country. This is certainly not true., one of the best online property platforms in India has ensured that users no longer have to worry about the authenticity of the agents. They can simply go to its website at and look up for real estate agents in their area, city or town. This is not all; customers all over India can also find the agents in their respective localities on the go through ‘Look Up’ app. This site provides complete information about all of the agents listed on its site ensuring that users get access to all the requisite information before deciding on an agent to proceed with. This ensures that home buyers, sellers or renters have complete peace of mind, are relaxed and do not have to face the anxiety that is generally associated with property dealings.


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