Common Steroid Names that you must be Aware

Steroids work in a more powerful way that one can imagine. The anabolic steroids act in the same way as that of the natural testosterone. These hormones attach themselves to the muscle cells that aids in muscle growth. Steroids should not used as and when liked by the individuals. Using steroids must be administered with great care as it leads to side effects in both male and female. There are a number of steroids that are available in the market. However, the most common one is the anabolic and androgenic types of steroids. There are some who easily gets confused with both anabolic and androgenic steroids. One should note that anabolic effects are mainly concerned with cell growth, whereas the androgenic steroids are the one that deal with masculine characteristics.

Common Steroids Available

Though there are a number of steroids made available, the most popular ones are the anabolic and androgenic steroids. There are some steroids that can be used for cutting cycle, whereas the others that can be used for bulking cycles. Some of the names of common steroid drugs include Anadrol, Anavar, Clomid, Winstrol, Sustanone and Equipoise. Each type of steroid is known to produce different results according to the dosage and the period of intake. The administration forms of these steroids are also highly variable in nature. There are certain types of steroids that can be used in oral form while others in injectable form. The most popular form of steroids known as Anadrol is known for fighting anemia and promoting muscle mass. On the other hand, Anavar, which is yet another famous steroid is used as the cutting agent and helps in treating Osteoporosis. Winstrol is used for treating non-regenerative Anemia.

Side Effects of Steroids

Steroids are more powerful in producing the desired results at a faster rate. However, one must also remember the fact that these steroids can cause you mild to severe side effects based on the intensity of the steroid and its dosage. Hence, one must take great care in consuming the right amount. Choosing the right amount and type of steroid is a difficult task. Here is where one must take the help of a doctor’s advice and consultation on buying the steroid that suits you.

The side effects can either affect the skin or the heart or even breasts. In general, men who are using excessive amounts of steroids or improper dosage suffer from baldness, impotence and sometimes increased depression. Women, on the other side can have the side effects of facial hair growth, deepened voice, mood swings and bad breath.

Analyze the Best Steroids

Stacking is one good option if you wish to take the combination of anabolic steroids as it gives better results. Thus, go for the steroid that suits your needs. Not all the steroids can be suitable to you. By looking on to the names of common steroid drugs, one can study the benefits, user reviews and side effects and decide according to that.


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