Email marketing is an instrument to approach potential or current customers through a commercial message. It is a digital form of marketing to promote business in a variety of ways. Most organizations have customized database of established or prospective customers so that they can provide detailed information related to the product or service. It enhances brand loyalty and customer satisfaction and you will learn more in the Email Marketing Training Institute.

Marketing classroom training teaches you in detail about its effectiveness is determined by how it is been structured. The message should be to the clear, concise and influential. One can use rich media like images, links, and graphics to give texture to mail. Email newsletters and email surveys are popular ways to maximize your business. One can also do it through email marketing agency.

Benefits of Email Marketing

  • It is much cheaper than other marketing medium (like content marketing)
  • Widely used by internet users.
  • Easy and effective way to reach customers.
  • Get Insight of consumer behavior.
  • Personalized, tailor made and dynamic approach
  • Flexibility to change marketing strategy
  • Less Time consuming
  • Firm can easily measure its Return on Investment.

Disadvantages of Email Marketing

The regular problem of email marketing is reporting of spam/rejection by users’ mail program. This can be sorted by taking consent of the customer or email receiver. So one can only contact the seekers of the information.


Transactional Emails

It is an action for a service or product one has already taken like leaving item in an online shopping cart, placing a purchase order or sign-up for a service. This mail is made to complete, facilitate or confirm a transaction. It maintains email relationships with its customers or subscribers; to solve queries, take feedback, etc. It is a one-to-one email process. It responds automatically to business clients in the event of purchase, delivery or sending invoice.  Also there are some software vendors in market which provide specialized transaction mails marketing services to run specific marketing campaigns.

Notification Email

It notifies the recipient about happening of a particular event. It may be to notify some offers, discounts, send birthday wishes or a feedback request after a purchase. It is beneficial from marketer’s point of view.

Mobile Email

One of the common ways to connect to your customer is through smart-phones and tablets. It is best pull strategy to grab attention of the users.  It has become an in-build application in hand-sets so that one can remain connected employers, suppliers and clients.  Also it is most easy and convenient way. As one drops the message and the user opens the mails as and when free and would immediately reply rather accessing to other gadgets like laptop or a desktop.

So, Email Marketing is a dynamic uninterrupted process used in many organizations to reach ideal customers. One can ask customer whether they would like to receive mails regularly from the company and provide information on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or a yearly basis. It can cater large number of customer in no time.


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