Crossrail Sends Property Prices Soaring: How to Take Advantage

Crossrail Sends Property Prices Soaring: How to Take Advantage

Even since the announcement of the new Crossrail service, people have leapt at the chance to make money from property connected with the route of the train link. Crossrail is coming – and it is scheduled to arrive in 2019. Even with a few years to wait, property owners are looking for ways to capitalise on the opportunities surrounding the service. Here’s how Crossrail is expected to affect property in Essex, and how you can position yourself in the property market to take best advantage.

Greater Accessibility for Brentwood and Shenfield

The arrival of Crossrail means that central London will be connected to a greater number of towns by one single rail trip. This means that many Essex locations will see their popularity soar due to Crossrail arriving on their doorstep. Brentwood, Shenfield, and others will see particular changes when Crossrail arrives as they are opened up to commuters who want easy access to the capital. One way to take advantage of Crossrail is to move to a place where the train service links to London and you will be able to enjoy an easier commuting experience.

Property Prices to Rise

The most obvious way to take advantage of the opportunities Crossrail will bring is to hold onto property you already own in the towns along the Crossrail route. According to, property prices could increase by up to 60 percent in the section of the route between the towns of Shenfield and Stratford. If you are looking to buy property in the area then now is the time to do it. Prices have begun to rise but if you get in now you can still find some good value properties in these popular towns. Many different towns close to the route have seen price rises including Brentwood, Gidea Park, Forest Gate, and Goodmayes. But the biggest price rises are in places like Shenfield and Brentwood where the attraction of green space plus easy access to the city is a big winner. If you cannot afford to buy in Brentwood, try a place like Billericay where prices are a little lower. Chelmsford is also a good option for purchasing property that will rise in price should the predictions be accurate.

What You Need to Do

If you can buy now, then get to the estate agent and put down your money. The earlier you buy in these areas, the better you can take advantage of the rise in house prices. If you are thinking of selling but you do not need to move right now, consider holding off for a few more years when you will probably be able to get a better deal. And if you are looking to improve your living circumstances, take a look at property that is close to Crossrail to help yourself to a more enjoyable commute. Crossrail is planned to open its full service running from Reading to Shenfield and into the city in 2019 but before then there will be trains going from Shenfield to Liverpool Street in 2017.


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