Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

Owning your own business can be a wonderful experience. But there are several behind the scene things only business owners worry about. Is my store up to par, do I have enough merchandise, are my customers happy. When owning your own business you want to know how your employees are treating your customers even when you are not there. The best way to find out what people think are customer surveys. Customer surveys will allow you to ask certain questions so you will always know what is going on and what to do to keep customers happy.

Different Kinds of Customer Surveys

There are many different customer surveys some of these include: email surveys, pop-up surveys, printed surveys on receipts, and in-store surveys. When customers are in your store your employees get their email address and you can send them a survey to get feedback on your store. With an email survey, you can send certain questions geared towards their shopping experience. A pop-up survey is when customers are on your website and have a separate window pop up and that has a survey in it that they can fill out. These are usually more generic and not geared towards a certain shopping experience. With printed surveys on receipts, they come after a customer makes a purchase. When a customer makes a purchase a phone number and code are printed on their receipt, they call the phone number and take a survey over the phone. These are hard to get people to take. Usually, these surveys are quick and most stores offer a coupon code upon completion of the survey to try and entice people to take them. Within store surveys, there are people in the stores with tablets or handheld devices giving surveys as people leave the store. This is the most personable survey; there is a lot of interaction. When trying to decide what kind of survey best fits the needs of your company check with They have several different survey options that can fit all your needs.

If you are starting your own business or have an established business customer service is your main concern. When customers are happy they come back and they spend money. Happy customer’s spending money is what every business owner wants. The only way to know if your customers are happy is by taking customer satisfaction surveys. There are all types of surveys that you can choose from. While receipt surveys are the most popular, pop-up surveys can reach more people, and in-store surveys offer more personal interaction. All these surveys have the same goal, find out what your customers like and don’t like. When choosing the survey that is right for you do your research, find the pros and cons of all surveys before deciding.


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