Different Definitions And Understandings For Penny Stocks

Stock market is like a war field where all are rushing with the same motto to win without bothering about losses or harm. Traders in the market trade for profits but, nobody is aware of the results in fact they bet on the speculations. Though it is unpredictable market can investors blindly invest their hard earn money on any guess? “No”, people are not fools they know the scenario of the market or they are driven by expert thoughts that are actually behind many successful traders. These are the thoughts of financial experts working for an organization helping ordinary investors to make extraordinary money. As per the opinion of these experts penny stocks are the better bet as they lose nothing but, can earn high. This sounds interesting and creates need to know about penny stocks and top performing penny stocks. All the listed stocks are not expensive in fact many stocks are traded for less than five dollars. People trying to grab a flash about the stock price are usually bound to miss sight of penny stocks. Hardly people come across these stocks but, there are hundreds of penny stocks trading and facing ups and downs in the market.

There are different definitions for it however all the meanings arrive at a common fact that penny stocks are available for penny price. Typically a stock trading at low market capitalization and at low price out of the major share market exchange is known as penny stocks. They are said to be highly volatile and trading at high speculation stocks. Because of small capitalization, low liquidating possibilities and limited trading these stocks are not preferred by most of the traders. Usually, penny stocks are traded over the counter through pink sheets and the OTCBB. There is no exact definition for penny stocks still it is considered as a stock that trades for pennies or trading below $5. These are the stocks offered by small capitalization companies subjected to limited requirements of listing. True that penny stocks are traded at high speculation but, smart thought suggests that there is nothing to lose though it is highly volatile. Predicting profits for a penny stock is on the positive side of a two sided coin, if proven right the profits may be beyond 1000%. If proven wrong then can stay consoled as the amount invested is just peanuts. Instead of buying high range stocks from major capital market by investing in millions where chances of risk is equally high, better to buy penny stocks where scope of losing is too low. There are many top penny stocks in the market and the list is given below with additional description.

Top penny stocks to trade

Today’s opening bell high alert is on MBLX and COCO having resistant area at $0.75. The COCO stock is only for short term and momentum trade. Other small capitalization penny stocks for today’s trade are TXTM and GSML. These are expected to bring high opportunity for trade. The companies have developing announcements to make and these developments are expected to bounce up the stock price. The previous day moving average for these shares is not very interesting but, today the results are predicted to be different. The ongoing discussion about agreement for tie up with Cannabis Textiles Incorporation is much happening news to flood the stock price. This is a strong multi month support at nearby $0.01. The progressive looking chart is ready to run anytime without alarming the investors. Smart investors can bang the opportunity and should get ready to run with the stock. The company has even applied for stock ticker through the OTC markets.


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