Discover Schizophrenia in Adolescents and Children

Discover Schizophrenia in Adolescents and Children

The mental imbalance know as Schizophrenia, does not keep away from young children. The category of humans up to the age of thirteen, known as children and those between the age of 13 to 17 years, known as adolescent have chances of being attacked by Schizophrenia. Unlike the adults, Schizophrenia in the younger group can be really difficult to handle. Even as young as a eight year old child can suffer from this disorder, wherein his understanding, decision making and thinking capacity are largely adversely affected.

Any kind of illness is easier to handle in adults rather than children. Children and adolescents having Schizophrenia have a tendency to tag on to their parents, instead of enjoying games or even talking to other kids of their age. They too like the adult patients experience delusions and hallucinations, that are extremely difficult for them to cope with. Concentration and interest in studies start to disappear and gradually their performance takes a downward journey. The behavioral pattern too takes a shift from being predictable to becoming unpredictable.

Dr. Jonathan Lauter is a well known and an absolute expert in child psychiatry. He has been practicing his treatments and procedures successfully on numerous patients for the past 30 years and more. He specializes in various fields of psychiatry though his primary specialization is in clinical neuro-development. The patients of bipolar disorder, amnesia, sleep disorder, depression and several other mental problems queue up for his appointment. He is very aware of the tactical way of handling patients with mental disabilities, especially the children.

Children and adolescents are like delicate flowers, hence their treatment should also be in a way that they do not feel threatened, but at the same time are positively affected. It is thus, that specialists prescribe family therapy and group therapy for them. Atypical antipsychosis drugs are also used in the treatment but not too much.

Though the disorder occurs in the children, the parents are the ones who are most affected by it. They have to remain strong and make sure to encourage their child in every way they can. As a parent it won’t be easy to understand the needs and tendencies of such children, it is therefore extremely vital to take the help of an expert in this genre, such as Dr. Jonathan Lauter. He has been in this profession for more than 30 years and treated various mental disorders over the years.

His experience and expertise is a rare combination and works miracles for the children specially. At present he is practicing at the Director of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Outpatient Clinic at Elmhurst Hospital in New York.

He would tell you that if you see your child, who is around the age of 12 to 15 years, talking to and playing with imaginary people or unreal things, then there is a probability that she is Schizophrenic. The symptoms of Schizophrenia may at times seem like a normal activity of children, but when in doubt, try talking to your child about it. Even after that if you feel it could be the onset of a mental disturbance, immediate action of visiting a psychiatrist should be taken.


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