Discover the Great Things to Do in the Capital of Quebec

Discover the Great Things to Do in the Capital of Quebec

No matter which part of Quebec you want to visit, you would be happy to know that there are many fun things to perform outdoors and nice places to go all year round. If you wish to know what to do in Quebec, here are some options to choose from.

Go to Parc de la Chute-Montmorency for a Cable Car Ride

Your visit to Quebec City won’t be complete without going to the Chute-Montmorency. This 272 feet natural wonder illuminates at night. The falls can be views in a lot of ways like through lookouts and its trails. But, a cable car ride will give you a closer look of the falls. Also, the parks let you go rock climbing and hiking on an anchored cliff and inspires you to dine and wine on its terrace.

Cable Car Ride

Witness Amazing Fireworks at the Loto-Quebec International Fireworks Competition

This phenomenon takes place from August 1 to August 20 every Wednesdays and Saturdays on St Lawrence River’s bank. The fireworks can be a good outdoor event to watch which is actually free.

International Fireworks

Visit Expos Quebec

An outdoor special event, Expos Quebec provides a broad range of activities that include performances, musical concerts, amusement rides and attractions. This occurs from August 15 to August 24 in Eastern Canada and costs about $20 to $25 per person every day. This event is simply perfect for families that have small kids.

Festival Grand Rire

Enjoy Some of the Festivals in Quebec

Quebec’s summer is full of festivals that range from music and beer to historical and comedy fairs. The list includes:

  • Festival Grande Rire– This comedy festival showcases some major comedians. This is definitely a great spot for a good time and laughter. It takes place from July 11 to July 22.
  • The Summer Festival of Quebec– This musical festival accommodates 1.5 million individuals. The performances are done in various venues.
  • The SAQ New France Festival– This historical festival is about past reconstruction. It is full of cultural entertainment, activities, performances and parades. It occurs from August 6 to August 10.
  • The Bordeaux Wine Festival– This wine festival has six group tents, ten wine and cider booths and provides thirty-five workshops. Whether you have an interest in the world of wine or you are a connoisseur, you should not miss this event.

Check out the Aquarium

The Aquarium of Quebec houses 10,000 marine animals that include amphibians, reptiles, fish, sea mammals and invertebrates. This site can be both outdoors and indoors which include water games, a picnic area and a Tree by Tree center perfect for kids.

Taste Some Homemade Jam at Île d’Orléans

Île d’Orléans is a historic and scenic location with five main historical sites dedicated to recounting the past and present of its culture. But, it also has different art galleries, gardens, boutiques, music spaces, theater and open-air activities. Discovering the countryside may have you spending an entire weekend. But you can also visit Confituerie Tigidou while you are there. This provides biologically handmade jams that are free of additives.


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