DIY Cake Stand: How to Make One of Your Own

DIY Cake Stand: How to Make One of Your Own

Cake stands are a nice way to display baked goodies like cakes, macaroons, and muffins or delicacies likes candies. Stands are available in the markets but if you are not looking for something sturdy like a steel one, you can make them on your own using common household items. The blog discusses how you can do that.

Cake stands enhance the appeal of a cake. And not just a cake, you can place fruits, candy, muffins, and cupcakes on a cake stand and have an elegant display. A cake stand can set off your presentation really well, and if you want to do-it-yourself, all you need to make one are a few kitchen or hardware items, a little time, and some of your creative juices.

Here is how you can make a cake stand yourself, use to show off your skills, and save some neat bucks in the process.

The one with martini glasses: Making a cake stand requires three basic items – dishes, a vertical component to provide space between dishes, and glue.

Take a dinner plate and fix an upturned martini glass in its center with the help of glue. On the free side of the glass, stick a smaller plate with its center aligned with the bottom of the glass. If you are going to be placing a cake on the stand, make sure that the smaller plate on the top is big enough to hold it.

Before applying the glue, adjust all the components according to the desired shape and see whether they are stable. You don’t want to find out after applying the glue that the stand is lopsided and can’t support the weight of the cake.

The larger dinner plate at the bottom will serve as a base. After the glue dries (check the manufacturer’s directions for how long to leave it), you can paint it with any color of your choice or leave it as it is. If you are going to paint the entire structure, you can also use a small cut out from a PVC pipe instead of the martini glass for the vertical element. Another idea would be to use china dishes and upturned cups as the vertical element. There are thousands of other ideas you can find online.

The project wouldn’t require more than half an hour and you will be richer by one more glamorous item in your kitty. What’s more, if you are bored of using one that you already have or if the one that you made didn’t turn out as expected, just revamp a bit with some color or washi tapes or whatever suits your fancy and you can use it as a bathroom stand for holding your knick-knacks or in the kitchen as a Lazy Susan. Just make sure that the plates can hold the weight of the articles intended to be kept on them.

If you want something readymade, Arttd’inox has some good-looking sturdy ones in stainless steel that you can check out here.

Do let us know how your project worked out. Tell us your unique ideas as well. We are waiting for your comments!


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