Effect of Primobolanon Women

One of the most famous anabolic steroids for women is Primobolan. It is highly effective in the proper muscle gain and removal of excess fat layers from the body. This drug has been deemed safe with the maximum benefits for women. However, one concern about Primobolan is that whether the drug is safe for women? This question is true for all kinds of drugs; athletes and bodybuilders must be completely aware of the side effects associated with each drug. The side effects have proved to be more severe for women as compared to the men. The incidence of such cases increases when bodybuilders prefer to go for dosage higher than the recommended dosage of the drugs. Men can get accustomed to the severe effects of virilism or development of male-oriented characteristics which the females cannot.

A brief overview of the effect of Primobolan on woman

In the female body, Primobolan resists the conversion or aromatization of testosterone into estrogen. Although it sounds to be a good aspect, it has been found that the drug has androgenic properties. As a result of it, it has been found in women who use Primobolan pills to suffer from virilism. With respect to the dosage prescribed for men, women take a lower dosage of the drug which ranges from 25 to 75 mg per day. The drug is available in both the oral and the injectable version. The half-life of the oral version is 2-5 days while the half-life of the injectable version is around 10 days.

Benefits of Primobolan for women

If you look into the advantageous effects that the drug Primobolan cause on a woman’s body, you will find striking similarity with its effect for men in most of the cases. The drug comes with a mild effect on tissue building and growth. It also makes a significant contribution to the preservation of the lean muscle mass of the body. In fact, the drug effectively functions in preventing muscle wastage or cachexia especially during the times of long-term diseases like HIV/AIDS, vitamin deficiency diseases, and other chronic diseases.

You will also notice a significant upregulation in the production of red blood cells of the body. This will cause enhanced oxygenation to the different cells ensuring efficient metabolism. Moreover, the drug has been found to increase the rate of protein synthesis. This effect, along with the loss of body fat, causes an overall muscle growth in the body.

Risks posed by Primobolan for woman

Primobolan can never be considered as a safe drug for women. It comes with some of the associated health risks which do give the user a second thought about the drug. Male-oriented sexual characters like facial and body hair, deepening of voice begin to occur upon administration of the drug. it can also cause changes in the menstrual cycle to an absolute cessation of menstruation. The condition is known as amenorrhea. It can also enlarge the clitoris.
Another negative effect of Primobolan is the accumulation of low-density lipoprotein that can cause conditions of atherosclerosis leading to stroke or heart attack.

These are some of the benefits and risks associated with Primobolan. Women who use Primobolan pills might have experienced these effects. It is advisable that you go for a detailed analysis of the product before making a purchase.


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