Elegant Women’s motor cycle pants

Riders of nowadays consider some safety and precaution measures and clothing for their benefits, this protective measures includes jackets, gloves boots and helmets as these are the part of the lifestyle of the motorist. While these preventive measures are lagged in protecting the leg parts as the legs may also gets damaged during the race.

To overcome this special type of jeans is available in the market for women are which protect the bottom half as they feel quite comfortable good.

Motor cycle Jeans:

These jeans are specially designed for the women community as these fabrics are durable and stretch to the enough and remain comfortable even after few washes. These jeans provide a good coverage and protect the legs by covering it from the injuries that happen during the ride and the further development of this jean was in form of a daily wear as it suits to wear as a normal wear as it fits well to the body.


The motto of these is to provide

  • Durability
  • Cover more area
  • Stretch enough

These jeans remain remarkable for its heat resistance, abrasion as they use the best fibers in the world. These jeans are not common for all women’s as they differ in their material and density of the material used and these difference can be widely seen in the protective lining in the jean. These Women’s motor cycle pants remain as the helmet for the legs as they protect the legs from the injuries during the race and it can be used throughout the day as the normal wear as its suits to the body. These jeans seems to be as like a cotton lining as it doesn’t feels stiff and bulk and through this you can get a feminine look while riding the bike and its difficult task to find it as it likes a normal wear. While wearing it you can make sure that you are in a protective.

Types of motor cycle jeans:

                                          The type of Women’s riding breeches is as follows:

  • Women’s cooling riding tights
  • Knee patch riding tights
  • Full seat riding tights
  • Boot cut riding tights
  • Women’s riding jeans
  • Women’s riding tights
  • Women’s riding jeans in leather

Features and Benefits:

                                          The features and benefits of the leather jeans is as follows

  • Gives enough protection
  • Smooth and soft inner lining
  • Comfort leather above the knees
  • Leather stretches in the lower back panel
  • Padded with kidney belt
  • Well perforated above and below the knees
  • About 1mm with full grain leather

These motor cycle jeans are the beginning stage in the women’s world and this gave a new start-up to further inventions which helps to protect the women racers and encourages them. The main aim of these producers is to produce best products with good quality and functionality and style which suits to the trendy world. These type of jeans were mainly focused over two points that is Functionality and over the fashion



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