Foods That Keep Your Heart At Low Risk

Foods That Keep Your Heart At Low Risk

Do you always take care of your heart? Well, this might not be on a number of people’s top to do list, but taking care of your heart is very essential if you are to curtail any form of heart diseases. It is as important as the ni card in the UK if you are to enjoy your full social security privileges. Activities such as weight control, regular exercise are usually very critical when you are to keep your heart in shape and of course you general health in a sound state. Plus, the foods that you eat are as equally important and plays a very critical role to your general health and more particularly to the sound health of the heart. Naturally, the foods that you eat helps to reduce the chances of you developing any form of heart disease such as stroke or high blood pressure situations as that then will play a very significant role on the quality and the length of your life. Therefore, by embracing healthy lifestyle you will be putting at bay a number of adverse health conditions like the coronary heart disease amongst many more problematic heart conditions. Hence, foods that will keep your heart at low risk of attack include;

Dietary Fibre
Some carbohydrates are regarded as dietary fibre which include vegetables, whole grains and various other plants that the body cannot digest fully, these dietary fibre therefore acts as a binding agent and a substitute to the cholesterol as well as a weight loss agent since it is low in calories.

Oily Fish
Fish such as salmon, tuna, sardines and mackerels has omega3 fatty acids which has been confirmed to help decrease the triglycerides while increasing the HDL cholesterol levels. This thus helps to improve the elasticity of the blood vessels and helps to thin the blood hence lowering the possibility of the blood to clot and to block its own flow through the vessels.

Moderate drinkers are less likely to suffer from heart diseases. This is because small amount of alcohol may protect the heart against any heart disease by raising the level of the HDL. However you should never imbibe it in large quantities as this can otherwise be harmful to your health.

Nuts, Legumes and Cereals
Although nuts and seeds should be taken in smaller quantities since they have a high amount of kilojoules, legumes, cereals and various whole grains such as rice and pasta plays on the other hand are known to play a very important role in curtailing diabetes as they greatly help to keep the blood sugar level in check. On the other hand legumes and foods such as soy has proved to lower the level of the LDL cholesterol, and especially when the level of cholesterol in the blood is high.

Vegetables Oils, and Dried Fruits
Vegetable oils such as corn, sunflower and soy are very important foods that contain the omega 6 fatty acids while the canola and the olive oils has omega 3 fatty acids which of course are very important and critical if you want to lower the level of the LDL cholesterol. They can therefore be used as the best alternative to saturated fats like butter.


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