For that graceful look try a kurti!

About two decade back what was considered to be a part of the salwar kameez  has now taken the fashion world by a storm. Yes, we are talking about kurtis. In the present day, kurits have become an intergal part of any woman’s wardrobe.  This is for the reason that they are not just comfortable but can also make the wearer look very stylish and sexy. Apart from this, you can adorn a kurti in such a way that it becomes a perfect wear for any ocassion. From office wear to a party or a wedding , just add the ideal accessroies to ensure your kurti helps you grab all the attention.

Here we list for you some of the top combination to keep in mind when styling your kurti.

It is often said that style is something, which reflects your personality and a well- styled dress can increase your confidence level by mainfolds. Thus, if you want to give your daily kurti a new twist drop the regaular kurit- salwar combition instead you can pair it up with a skinning or straight fit pants, depending on what your body structure is.

For those who spend long hours working in office  must try desinger kurits which have sleek embroidered patterns. Instead of taking a dupatta with the kurti they can tie a stole which can even open up to become a shortdupatta. Thereby, giving a contemporary look to the traditional kurti-dupatta combination.  They could even opt for a embroidered stole ( with slight embroidery on the edges or the margins) with a plain kurti as it is sure to give the attrie a professional look.

Most  teenagers and young ladies are seen pairing their regular kurtis with a  capree. Such kind of a bottom is very comfortable and can be worn all day long.

For a religious cermony, you can buy a patiala  with your kurti. But, do remember to carry a stole or a dupatta, scraf or a stole with you to give your attire an Indian touch.

If you want to take the ‘kurti look’ a step forward for an ocassion like a date then you can wear Jeggings or long skirts with it. You could even match short kurtis for long skirts with straight cut skirts or a short skirts.

The material  for the kurti that you opt for totally varies with the season and the time duration you want to wear it for. Say, you want to wear a kurti at office then in summers nothing would be better than a cotton kurti. However, for a wedding fuction or a formal get together buying a kurti in cotton sillk would be a great idea. In winter months, thick fabrics like cotton khadi and raw silk are mostly prefered by women.

No mattter, which combination of kurti set  you choose, it is adviable not to combine printed kurti with a printed bottom. If you want a printed bottom then opt for a solid colour kurti or vice a versa.


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