Four Steps for Planning Your Corporate Party

Four Steps for Planning Your Corporate Party

When it’s your responsibility to plan the corporate party for your Birmingham based business you can be overwhelmed and become stressed if you don’t have an organised plan. Having a party at your company is an ideal way to celebrate your accomplishments and to build camaraderie for the staff members at the organisation. As you begin to organise your new task be sure to include the activities that will take place, the theme of your party, and the food, drinks, and entertainment that you want guests to enjoy during the evening of fun. By following the four steps discussed below you can handle the task with ease and grace as you plan this evening of celebration for your colleagues.

Step 1

Step one of your task should be to do research and plan the event with your team. You should establish some goals at your first meeting so that the remainder of your planning will go smoothly. Be sure to:

  • Set your budget
  • Develop a theme and the main goals for having the celebration
  • Pick the time of your event, the date, and the location so that you can begin to book a venue as well as check out the caterers Birmingham offers.
  • Research the local venues that host parties like yours, begin to explore your options for entertainment, search for caterers that can provide the food and drinks for your event.

Step 2

Step two of your planning process will include the promotion of your event as well as the booking of your vendors and the venue itself. For this step be sure to consider:

  • The place where you want to have the party; make sure that you sign an agreement that specifies the date and time that you have chosen for your event.
  • Find and book the entertainment for your evening of celebration; keep in mind that for corporate events live bands are very popular.
  • In your search for the ideal caterer be sure to visit websites such as so that you can review the type of menu and services available to you for the event.

Step 3

Step four of your methodical approach involves confirming all of the contracts that you have in place with the vendors and sending out the invitations. You’ll want guests to RSVP so that you can have an accurate number to provide to your caterers so that they will prepare enough food and beverages for your event. You should also:

  • Make sure all of your staff members know their duties for the evening.
  • Hold a walk-through of your entire event with duties discussed.
  • Send informative communications about transportation, any changes, and updates as they become necessary.

Step 4

Arrive at the party’s location ahead of time so that you can supervise the set-up of all materials needed to make the party a success. Make sure that:

  • All details for name tags, seating arrangements, and food service are being handled properly
  • See that security is in place and ready to monitor your event
  • Ensure that take-down and clean-up after the event is covered.

Planning your corporate celebration can be made simple by being organised and prepared for your party well in advance of the date it happens.


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