Galaxy Note 5 Specs, Features, Price And Release Date

Galaxy Note 5 Specs, Features, Price And Release Date

The Galaxy Note 4 by the well known company, Samsung was currently made public to near global acclaim, but there is a presence of rumors about its successor on the internet. People started listening to the speculations of the next phablet. The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will be available in the market in the autumn season of the next year. The upcoming device will be available with the 4k, 6’’ AMOLED display, and ultra high MP camera and Octa core processor. Take a look at the leaked specs, features, release date and price of the upcoming device is mentioned below:


As you know, the flagship devices of the company has unmatched specifications at the time of their launches in the market and it is a thing of the honor for the company. Due to it, you can expect the more fireworks from the next launch. The device will be going to include an Octa core Snapdragon 810 chipset, along with the RAM capacity of 4 GB. Some rumors state that the device will include an Exynos 7420 chipset that would feature 4 Cortex-A57 cores and also 4 Cortex-A53.

The device might be featured as the 21 MP in the form of its resolution. It is alsoexpected to includes the 6 Mp or 5 MP front facing camera. There will be presence of a big sensor for the primary camera. The powerful front facing camera will be capable of capturing the full High Definition video. When it comes to storage capacity, there will be 16 GB to 128 GB ranges. There are some expectations that the device will include the 32 GB onboard storage and as well, an SD card, capable of storing the data up to 128 GB.


When it comes to the features of this device, there are various rumors available online. The device will be available with 4 GB RAM, 5.9’’ or 6’’ 4k AMOLED display. It is rumored to be available in three different variants as explained above, based on the internal storage memory. There will be the aluminum finished edges along with the curved body made of metal. It will not just be scratch and dustresistant body, but also capable of providing protection against water. In this device, the latest version of the Android OS will be included. Retina scanner and finger print sensor is expected to feature in it.


The device will be available at the price range in between £550 and Inc VAT and £599 Inc VAT. So, users can buy this Galaxy Note 5 phablet at an affordable price after its launch in the market.

Release date

As the users are eagerly wanted to know about the release date of this upcoming phablet, then there are so many predictions. It is expected to release the device by the company prior to the IFA of the next year. The release date will be 3 September 2015 of this device. It will be the time when the Samsung fans can take the pleasure of its all above mentioned features and specs at affordable prices.

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