Get The Best Video Rotator In The Web

Get The Best Video Rotator In The Web

Many times you might have captured a video in your cell phone or even in your camcorder but when you play the same video in the computer, you will see that the video that appears on the screen is rotated in 90 degrees. A lot of times you might have deliberately taken the video in that way because you wanted to capture the view of the whole landscape. So, when you watch it, you tend to strain your neck or even sometimes flip the screen of the monitor. Well, there are a lot easier methods of watching a video by rotating it.

With the increased use of smartphones, people are capturing random videos in the phone itself rather than carrying a camcorder with them. Sometimes in that process you might end up taking the video sideways. That can be a problem while viewing. For that, you need a few tools that can edit the video by rotating it.

Whether you want to rotate the video while you watch it or even permanently rotate the video into a converted video, there are various applications available on the web that can help you do it, but the process or the installation process might be a bit complicated. Here is where Movavi wins the race as the software is for everyone. You don’t need to take the video to a professional. You can just sit at the comfort of your own home and do it yourself.

Movavi has created an editor that is simple, easy and also usable by everyone. Professional or amateur, you can make your bad angled video a good angled one and that too very easily. You can get the application from their website and then run it in your own computer. The software is compatible on every operating system like windows 7 or windows 8 and even on Mac. The application has many tutorials that will teach you how to rotate a video clockwise, anticlockwise, in 90 degree angles or even in 180 degree angles. Whatever you need to transform the video, you will get it here.

You can even isolate the portions of the video that you need to rotate in case the video only has a few parts that needs to be rotated. So, if you directly hit on rotate without choosing the portions to be rotated, the risk is that the whole thing will be changed. That will be a true disaster.

So, you need to download the application and launch it so that you can use it. The installation process is very easy. Then open the application and add the video you want to rotate to the timeline of the editor. Rest is pretty simple and easy to do.


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