Get to know how to get Pokémon installed on your Android

Get to know how to get Pokémon installed on your Android

You can now play your favorite creature-collecting game which is not available from Google play store, on your Android. To play Pokémon, many hardcore fans of this game use DS Emulators and Gameboy. In this article, let us see how to get the Pokémon game installed on your Android.

Install an Emulator:

Over the years, there are a lot of different versions of Pokémon for all different Gameboys have been released. So first you have to determine the version of Pokémon you want to play. The emulator you use depends on the version you choose to play. If you choose red, green, blue and yellow versions, then use Gameboy color or original Gameboy emulator, or if you use the sapphire, ruby, FireRed, emerald, LeafGreen versions, then use Gameboy advance emulator, or if you want to play platinum, pearl, diamond, black, black 2, white, white 2, SoulSilver, HeartGold versions of Pokémon, then you can use the Nintendo DS emulator. Depending on the version you choose to play, you will need a different emulator. Once you have decided which version to play, you have to download the right emulator. This acts like a Gameboy system on your Android and allows you to run ripped versions of this game. Some of the popular emulators available on Android areGBCoid which is a Gameboy color emulator, GBAoid or John GBA Lite which is a Gameboy Advance emulator and DraStic which is a Nintendo DS emulator.

Once you find the right emulator for your version of play, make sure that your phone meets the system requirements for that app and then download an emulator.  This is because some emulators like DraStic will run only on new devices. Check out the system requirements for the app in the App Description page before you download the emulator. Once you check that, download and install the emulator. The installation is straight forward generally but different emulators may have different methods of installation. That is, you can install DraStic and John GBA Lite from the Play Store, whereas you have to download GBCoid and GBAoid from the browser and install it manually. You may need to download a separate BIOS file if you want to install a Gameboy Advance emulator. Because of legal reasons this file is not included, but you can find the file online easily if you search for “gba_bios.bin”. It is recommended to place this BIOS file in the same folder on your phone where you placed your ROM files in. When you start for the first time your Gameboy Advance emulator, you will be asked to locate this BIOS file so keep it somewhere it is easy to find.

Download a Pokémon game:

You can find a number of sites to download the ROM files for different Gameboy games. Make sure that you are downloading from the trusted site since there are many shadier ones with scams. You can both download the ROM files on your computer and copy it to your phone or you can directly use the browser on your phone and download the files. Then, you can browse for the Pokemon game for Android you want. Place all the ROM files in a dedicated folder especially if you have to download multiple games so that it will be easier for you to find the files.

Once you have downloaded and installed the Pokémon game for Android, you can start to play the game. Get to know all the things you want to know before you start to play the game. You can check out online and get to know how to play this game and enjoy playing.


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