Guidance of corporate consultants

Guidance of corporate consultants

With Adam Global, it is possible to think about starting a new corporate office without even possessing knowledge on business sector. The consultants working for Adam Global are highly educated, professionally trained, experienced and capable of transferring necessary knowledge to those who wish to start a corporate office depending on their choice. The consultants help in providing company formation consultation for those who wish to become entrepreneurs, provided the company needs to be installed in Dubai. There are three packages available with Adam Global in setting up a new company which includes the following:

Company Formation in Dubai

When you are wishing to start a corporate company in Dubai, then you can simply contact the consultant of Adam Global in planning your business along with documentation to start off with your new company. By doing so, you get more benefits that include the following:

  • You can do business successful within the local regions of UAE.
  • Once your business is ready to handle imports and exports, you can develop it.
  • Your company is best considered as one of the local GCC companies.
  • When you are dealing the business with other GCC companies from other countries, you get tax benefits.
  • You get closer proximity in doing the business within many developing parts of the world including Middle East, Asia and Africa respectively.
  • You have no tax charges for your local income and corporate income.
  • You don’t have to invest more capital for this business.
  • You don’t have to reveal the share capital deposits to anyone or any concern.
  • You can enjoy the whole profit out of your business as well as capital.


Freezone Company Formation

Those who wish to start up with a new business with full foreign ownership; freezone company formation is the most suggested idea from consultants of Adam Global. The guidance of corporate consultants would take care of licensing process, preparing share certificates, incorporation certificate, preparing lease agreement, post box, making office keys, memorandum of articles and association, etc. If you are one who wishes to start up Freezone Company, then you are sure of getting the following benefits:

  • You get full foreign ownership without anybody being included.
  • There is no corporate tax being incurred for about first 50 years after which a concession would be provided for renewal.
  • There is no duty for import and re-export activities.
  • There is no personal income tax being incurred for you.
  • There is absolutely no restriction in hiring people from foreign countries.
  • Infrastructure should be built for fulfilling the purpose of the business which would reduce the cost of building sophisticated infrastructure.
  • Single window clearances
  • Controlled environment
  • You would be given license within the time period of about 24 hours
  • You are benefitted with on site accommodation permission for your labours, etc.

Offshore Company Formation

In order to avail the benefits of tax waivers, some people would be suggested to have offshore company which is operating outside the boundary of its registration. This ensures that it is active and devoid of all other unwanted charges including taxes. The activity of company can be even done outside the residential boundary of company’s directors or shareholders or even owners. However, there are no restrictions in the facilities that every owner gets from other company types. Bank account, loan facilities for the company are guaranteed provided you maintain good credit score.

Depending on how you wanted your business to get operated, Adam Global’s consultants would help you achieve that. You can call the consultants any time and we are happy to offer the services. So, do not hesitate to call an expert consultant from Adam Global now!


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