Guide to Choose Lingerie Costume

Guide to Choose Lingerie Costume

Lingerie costume is one choice that both men and women love when they are in bed. Yet, not all women like to wear it; even some of them are not familiar with the lingerie itself. Having and wearing lingerie then looks silly and foreign. For those who have this time as their first time start to try wearing lingerie, there are some notes that you have to keep in mind to satisfy both you and your man.

The very first thing you need to have is self-confidence. There will be so many kinds of lingerie that you can choose in market. You will have costume, sexy and erotic lingerie, bridal lingerie, and also costume play lingerie. Choose the one that make you feel comfortable and confident when wearing it. Second thing to consider is just remembering that it is for you, and of course for your men. Yet, the choice is in your hand to decide what to choose. The rest is in hands of your men. It will be him who decides where part to take off or leave.

For those who experience that it is the first start, choosing lingerie, it is a good start to make a change while having sex. Next thing to remember is that you will make change there. Let your man know and realize this. It is the key when choosing lingerie. Lacy camisole will be great if you will have after work date, since you do not need to change your dress. Yet, if you want lingerie costume, it is more complex than camisole. Maid costume, school girl costume, police costume, and also nurse costume are the popular one to have lingerie costume.

Next thing to prepare for your wonderful night is by making it special. Make sure that you do it in a right time. Surprise him with the change. You can prepare yourself while in restroom; hide the lingerie under the sink or in a box in your restroom. Tell him you are going to brush your teeth, or doing something else. Never tell him that you are going to wear the lingerie. If it is your first time wearing the costume, start to have inexpensive lingerie. Thus you will not feel bad when ruining it.

Fun costume to complete your plan is great idea. It is a good way to surprise your man with extra ordinary thing. Just like what we know above. The decision is in your hand, when you choose which costume you want to play. Do not get what he is saying to you. It is your fantasy and the time when you can make it comes true. The costume you choose will make you under control us well. Schoolgirl or police or cop will be great. Besides the costumes, it also has some accessories that you can play with, handcuffs or ruler. If your man likes it, you will be more surprised than he does. A woman even says that lingerie is empowering women. It is for women, not fully to make women desirable for someone else.


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