Healthy Ways to Diet for a Better Fitting Wedding Dress

If you do not wish to have alterations done to your wedding dress and it fits a little snug, use a healthy approach to help if fit a little better. You want to look good when you enter your venue, booked through a service like as an example. Just don’t overdo it and make your dress too loose. Take weekly measurements to make sure you aren’t going too far with the diet.

Cut out Fats and Sugars

Sugar and fat are two things that the human body takes forever to process. If you are not active and eat a fatty or heavy meal, it will stay with you and add to your existing trouble areas. Wedding planning is stressful and can bring upon the urge to stress eat. Choose raw vegetables or a hot cup of tea rather than sugary and fatty snacks.

Walk Daily

Talk a walk every day. It will help you burn fat and tone your body. You are likely to lose more inches than pounds, which may be better for fitting into your dress better. Gather a group of friends, or perhaps the bridesmaids, and take a walk each evening. Getting in shape with friends gives you the motivation to reach your goal.

Adopt a Fitness Regimen

Create a fitness regimen with 20 minute workouts each day. Have a different routine for each day so that your body does not acclimate to that routine. When you keep your body guessing, you receive better results from simple workouts.

Eat a Fresh Diet

Change your grocery shopping habits. Focus on fresh meats, fruits and vegetables only. Leave the freezer section and aisles alone. The only things that you should need from aisles are healthy cooking oils, dry pasta, whole grains, healthy cereal and healthy condiments. Everything else should be fresh. Healthy, fresh food can taste delicious when it is seasoned and cooked properly.

Avoid making a lot of sauces as starches are typically used to thicken them. Starches weigh you down and make you feel like you’ve had a heavy meal. Instead of using thickeners, allow liquids to simply reduce and thicken on their own.

Avoid Stress Eating

Many women choose to comfort themselves from stress with food. The cravings tend to fall toward sugary and fatty foods. Not only does this push you backwards on progressing toward your goal, you are often left with feelings of guilt. Feeling guilty from stress eating leads to more stress eating. Take up a hobby or activity when you feel stressed. It can be something as simple as sitting outdoors with a hot cup of tea or soaking in a soothing bubble bath with candles and soft music.

Set a goal to be at your target measurements two weeks prior to your wedding day. If alterations need to be made for your dress, this is enough time to complete them. Some brides-to-be lose more weight and inches than expected. Your dress should be slightly snug, but comfortable at the same time. You should be able to breathe without restriction and move freely.


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