How to Become an Expert Multitasker

How to Become an Expert Multitasker

Multitasking is a skill that most people wish they possessed, but few people think they can actually do effectively. It can be very frustrating for people to watch others who seem to get it all done every day without much effort while they continue to fall short of their goals each day.

Trying to do more than one thing at once can seem impossible for many people, but there are some ways anyone can increase their productivity and reach their goals faster. Everyone can use these ideas to make every day simpler and more productive. Here are some ways to become an expert multitasker.

Play something in the background

Even though it may not seem like a big deal, having something playing in the background while a person works on other tasks is a great way to multitask. Playing the news, a different language audio file or other information soundtrack can help people increase their knowledge without fully focusing on the sound. Everyone can use cable TV packages to do this easily on a daily basis.

Determine which tasks need complete attention

For some people, they do not know when to draw the line between tasks that can be done in sync with others, and tasks that need a person’s full attention. It is important to know this difference to make sure everything gets done properly the first time. It is a good idea to write down some common tasks that need complete attention on a regular basis as a reference.

Group related tasks together

The best way to keep a person’s mind on the task at hand even while they are doing more than one at a time is to keep those tasks within the same category. This will make it easier for anyone to keep their train of thought and make bouncing from item to item much easier.

Plan ahead for deadlines

Planning ahead makes so many things in anyone’s lives a lot easier. The same is true for people who want to multitask. It is important to plan out deadlines for each task to make sure that they all get done on time, even if they are not given any full attention. Making a weekly or even daily schedule can help people plan out the most efficient way to work.

Keep working towards a goal

In order to make sure that every multitasking venture has a real purpose, it is essential for people to keep their overall goals in mind. This will help eliminate unproductive multitasking and help everyone use all of their time on the job in a more valuable way.

Say no when necessary

Even though people want to play superhero and act like they can handle it all, sometimes this is just not the case. Everyone should be able to recognize when their plate is too full and know how to say no to certain obligations when necessary. These tools can help anyone get more done each day in a fraction of the time.


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