How to choose best air rifle for a hunting voyage?

How to choose best air rifle for a hunting voyage?

Whether you are hunting for rabbits, fox or even popping iguanas, you need to choose the correct rifle. Choosing the correct rifle for your hunting voyage can make a world of difference to your hunting trip. You can also have a chat with fellow hunters to find out the most suitable air rifle for your hunting voyage. Les Stein has often said killing your target is not the question but the process should be apt. You should hit your game but with humanely instincts. The idea behind a fun hunting spree is not to torture wildlife species. Apart from power considerations of the rifle few other aspects are also important.

Important considerations while purchasing an air rifle


To be sure to hit your target accurately. However small your victim is; you need to hit the correct spot. Many a time you need to hit small target from a long distance making accuracy difficult. If you hit a wrong shot; obviously you will lose your target and many other potential victims in that area. So you need to grab a suitable air gun that will successfully put down your target without spooking them.


Simple to use

While planning your hunting trip, Les Stein Firepower also suggests you need to plan how to go around with your air rifle. So if you are planning a voyage in the woods which requires lot of walking then using a heavy air gun is not advisable. During hunting try to carry air rifles that are easy to carry and also has easy to refill power source. This will not be taxing on your hunting efforts helping you have an enjoyable hunting expedition.

You should also keep in mind that there is no perfect rifle that will meet all the needs of all the hunters. As such you need to choose an appropriate one depending on your target and your requirements. So choose a rifle taking into account your game of hunt rather than seeking something that will envelop all eventualities.


Maintenance of the rifle is an important consideration as much as other factors are. Criteria for maintenance may vary from model to model. So you can choose an appropriate one according to your requirement. For some model of air rifles maintenance is a complicated procedure as they require a lot of oiling and cleaning before it is ready for use. So it depends on your personal choice whether you are willing to put in the extra effort to get accuracy.

You need to do some research before you choose an air rifle for your expedition. For Hunting with air guns you need to keep these factors in mind. As such a hunting voyage with air guns is a popular and enjoyable sport and it will continue to be so. Even beginners can use air guns for their hunting voyage making it an indispensable part of shooting. However as Les Stein Firepower clearly points out that you should know you target, your gun and the local laws before you set for your expeditions.


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