How to Get Your Product Reviews on the Top blogs

How to Get Your Product Reviews on the Top blogs

Posting online reviews about your business is important if you want people to know what are the products and services you are selling. The reason is that most people want to consult reviews prior to buying anything. Research shows that at least 80% of online shoppers would read reviews. Customers usually will use the keyword product name + review when they are doing research for reviews on your products. So, if you did get some of the reviews posted on the blogs, these will appear in the search result and people will be able to easily find your product.

No one wants to end up with buying the wrong product but they want to make sure that every cent that they spend is worthwhile and meet their needs. Regularly posting reviews about your product on the web allows people to easily find your products when they are doing research online. When customer see the positive reviews, they will be more interested in buying the product.

One way to spread word about your products is through publishing short reviews on blogs. There are a lot of blogs offering sponsored reviews services. The blog owners will write a reviews about your product and include 1 – 2 links to your online stores. In order for it to be effective, you must choose a high quality blog that has a significant traffic. The more traffic a blog has, the higher the chance your post will get viewed and the higher the conversion rate will be.

It can be hard to find individual blogs who accept sponsored reviews. The best way to get reviews for your business is through a blog advertising network with hundreds of blog members. You have to pay a monthly subscription fee to join the blog advertising network. You must fund your account with some balances before you will be able to purchase a review. Many blog advertising networks have trial periods, which allows you to purchase a few orders from the bloggers to see the quality. In case you don’t want to subscribe, the blogger will publish your review on the blog.

The blogs in the network are reviewed by a team of experts to make sure they meet the minimum standards. You will be able to choose the blog where you want your sponsored review to be posted and communicate with the blog owner. If you need to review the article, you can inform the blogger about it. It will be up to the blogger on whether to accept or reject your order. If the blogger accepts your offer, he will set a deadline when he will finish the review and post it on his blog. If the blogger rejected your offer, the money will be refunded back into your account.


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