How To Improve Your Scores In SAT Math?

How To Improve Your Scores In SAT Math?

There is a general notion that math is a tough subject and as a result, a lot of students tend to ride with the wind during most of the math lessons and end up getting nothing at the end of the lesson. But if you are aspiring to sit and pass the SAT math test, then you have no option but to change your attitude and pursue math with a lot of passion. Luckily enough, there are different study techniques that you can use to get more understanding of the subject. You can also use SAT tutoring online services to improve your skills in the subject. Here are additional tips to strengthen your score in SAT math exam.

Identify your weak points and improve on them

Math is such a weird subject in that you will find that there are certain topics in which you do very well in and there are others that you won’t get at all. The secret is to identify the particular topics that you find to be challenging and increase your concentration on them rather than spending your time on topics that your are already well versed with. In any case, any given SAT exam will not carry all the topics available in math. Therefore you need to make yourself familiar with the kind of topics that are tested and then increase your competency in most if not all of them.

Recognize the concepts

No exact questions will ever be repeated in any SAT math test but concepts will always be repeated. As a test taker, you need to identify the concept tested and then respond to it effectively. In order to be proficient in this, you need a lot of practice with the test questions so that you notice how different concepts are structured in the questions and in doing so, you will realize the best approaches to use in providing solutions to them.

Don’t be rigid with your approaches

Just as there are several ways to kill a rat, there are also several ways to tackle SAT math questions. Having more than one method to offer solutions will enable you to use the quickest and the most effective method whenever attending to the questions. You can learn the different methods by doing a lot of practices or in order to spend less time in learning the different approaches, you can use the services of a SAT tutor so that you gain quickly in a short period of time.

Learn how to identify the wrong answers

In some instances, you may need to take a guess at the choices because your methods are not yielding any answer that is listed in the multiple choices. When you are faced with such a situation, you need to make educated guesses. This requires your math acumen and a little bit of common sense to enable you to eliminate the answers that are simply farfetched. Guessing is however a poor practice and it’s not guaranteed to work at all times. The best thing to do is to be fairly comfortable with most of the topics so that you eliminate completely any chances for guess work while taking the SAT math exam.

Author bio: Katie Roselington is a math teacher with years of experience. Continue to read more to know ways to clear SAT math and get the highest score possible.


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