How to Make a Personal Injury Claim

A person can injure themselves anywhere at any time, it might be a slip on a friend’s terrace during that weekend barbeque, or perhaps you fell over in a car park, but whatever the location, or indeed the cause, the chances are you can make a claim for compensation from the premises owner. Public liability insurance (PLI) is compulsory for all businesses, even a one man band, and this policy would cover personal injury to any person, should the premises owner be proven to be negligent. A raised paving stone could cause a person to have a nasty fall, and if they suffered an injury as a result, the local government, who maintain the footpaths, would be liable to pay you compensation for your injuries.

Important Points to Remember

Assuming the worst happens, and you injure yourself in a slip or fall, try to take photos of both the location and your injuries. If there is anything tangible that might have caused your fall, you should have someone take clear images from several angles, a wet floor, or a raised paving slab, for example. If there were witnesses, you should take down their details, as your lawyer would like to talk to them at a later date. The other very important thing is to seek medical attention as soon as possible, and preferably with your local GP, and ask them to make a note of your injuries, along with details about the incident.

Sourcing the Right Lawyer

There are all kinds of lawyers, corporate, criminal, civil, and there are also those who focus on personal injury claims. If you are seeking personal injury lawyers in Queensland, a simple online search will point you in the right direction. Making contact has never been easier, and with an easy to navigate website, you can browse essential information about personal injury claims, and when you are ready to make contact, there are online forms to complete, then, within a short time, the lawyer would ask you to make a free appointment to review your claim. You would need to take along everything that might be relevant to the claim, and once the lawyer has reviewed this, they could give you an expert opinion.

Making a Claim

If the lawyer feels your case is strong, he or she will offer to represent you on a no win-no fee basis, and with no charge for the initial consultation, you actually pay nothing until your claim is successful. There have been many unfortunate people who should have claimed for an injury, but were terrified of receiving a huge legal bill, and possibly not being successful with the claim. No win- No fee is the ideal solution for the general public who feel that they suffered an injury due to the negligence of a premises or location owner, and if this can be proven beyond reasonable doubt, the claim would be awarded.

Online solutions make it a very straightforward process, and if you have suffered a personal injury of any kind, you have nothing to lose by contacting an expert lawyer.


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