How To Pick The Best Running Watch On A Budget

More and more people are becoming interested in their health and fitness. Good nutrition is a vital part of a healthy diet but this has to be balanced with exercise. Running has always been a popular choice for people as it is a relatively cheap sport to get into and can be done anywhere. Even if you holiday regularly or undertaking business trips you can easily take some running shoes and keep your exercise regime up.

Running watches can be a valuable asset for any runner but, with the myriad of watches on the market it can be difficult to know which one to pick. Make sure to read best running watch reviews. The following tips should be considered before purchasing a watch; this will ensure you buy a watch that does exactly what you need:


As with any purchase the price is an important element in the equation. A GPS running watches start at approximately $100 and they can rise in price to over $500. There is little point paying for a top end watch if it has features you will never use, or worse, does not have the features you really need. It is possible to purchase a running watch cheaper if you do not need the GPS feature. This may not seem necessary at first but it may become an essential part of your routine.


A running watch can be used for almost any sport and you should consider if you will be undertaking other forms of exercise. If you are then these will need to be considered when purchasing your watch. For instance, if you enjoy swimming you may find your watch useful in the pool; in which case you will need a waterproof one.


Most running watches will have sensors in place to monitor your heartbeat and temperature. These sensors should attach themselves comfortably to your body. A watch will also have a screen on which the data captured is shown. A small screen will be light and affect your run less whereas a larger screen will be heavy although able to display more information.


The display is the most important part of the watch. Here you will be able to see your distance, top speed and average speed, the elevation of your climb and your current heart rate. Some of the top end models also monitor your temperature.


The best watches offer the ability to track your progress and set markers to advise when you have completed specific distances or completed a set lap. Many of these watches offer on screen maps and the ability to program your own work out.


As well as looking at all the features available on a watch and working out which are needed by you it is important to take a look online at what other people are saying. is one website which offers excellent reviews and comparisons of all the major running watches on the market. Independent reviews can be extremely helpful as they may point out flaws which would otherwise go unnoticed until after you have purchased the watch.


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