Human Growth Hormone drugs may leads to cancer

Human Growth Hormone drugs may leads to cancer

Many people will be dealing with growth hormone deficiency and they use to take drugs to increase the secretion of the growth hormone. The Human Growth Hormone (HGH) drugs are available in three different forms such as injections, sprays and supplements. People can choose anyone as per their convenience. Those drugs are giving many health benefits to the users. For instance, it burns fat and improves memory, vision and also the skin condition. Even it enhances the sexual ability of a person. However there are many controversies in using the HGH drugs.

Many experts are saying that the usage of HGH drugs will increase in the production of growth hormone in the body. Ultimately it may cause a higher risk of cancer. Hence the common individuals are afraid of taking the drugs in boost up the growth hormone level. Generally if the growth hormone is highly secreted, then the liver will produce insulin like growth factor. It is the responsible one in the breast cell growth as well as lactation. When the insulin like growth factor is higher in the bloodstream then it may increase the risk of breast and prostate cancer. It has been proved in many researches. The Insulin growth factor stimulates the breast cancer cells and increases its amount. Mostly the taller women are having many chances to get breast cancer since the production of growth hormone will be higher in her body.

Actually people put themselves in the risk of cancer by using the HGH drugs for various purposes. The main use of those drugs is to increase the growth hormone level of the people those who are having growth hormone deficiency. But today many of the individuals are using those drugs for anti-aging and body building purposes. Though the drugs give them the positive results in the things that they expect, they may cause a higher risk of cancer. People may think that they will not get cancer when they are using the drugs for such purposes.

The normal individuals will have the growth hormone in the proper level already. When they are trying to increase the level using HGH drugs, it automatically stimulates the production of insulin like growth factor. Hence they are increasing the chances of cancer disease. Many people do not understand this fact and using the drugs as they wish. Even many experts recommend them to stop using the human growth home drugs. Apart from these things, the HGH drugs are generally made of synthetic elements therefore there are many chances for various health problems.

Though the human growth hormone drugs are giving many benefits, people may also get number of side effects. Therefore they have to be conscious about using those drugs. They should consume that only if they are having the growth hormone deficiency or any other important physiological needs. Otherwise it is better to avoid those things. Also they should prefer quality and natural drugs if they are in the need to use human growth hormone drugs. By using such drugs they can stay away from unwanted side effects.


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