Insight into a life of Renowned Political Consultant

Insight into a life of Renowned Political Consultant

Sandy Berger has performed his valuable service to President Clinton while serving as National Security Advisor during his tenure. He was born to a Jewish family in the glamorous city of New York. In the 1963 he completed his graduation from Web tuck High School. He got his Bachelor’s degree from a reputed Cornell University in the year 1967. He was a bright student academically therefore he went ahead with his ambition and did his Juries Doctor degree from Harvard Law school in the year 1971.

His success and achievements

In the year 1972 Sandy Berger started assisting Senator George McGovern during the 1972 Presidential Election. During the presidential campaign he met Clinton and was able to impress him to a point where they got tied in to a bond of friendship. This bond helped him to bag a position of National Security Advisor and of course he did justice to his position. His ability to speculate and think beyond his times had helped him to emerge out as a key global partner in various American organizations.

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Later on to have a taste of legal procedures, Berger went experimental with his career and joined and International law Firm. He got enriching experience about legal trading by being part of Hogan and Hartson. He played a dominant role in planning the firm’s business thereby making a mark in almost everything he did. It was during the Carter administration that he was able to grab the position of Director of Policy Planning rendering valuable service for years. As a global strategist they knew that starting a war against terror is not only of national importance but it is internationally very significant.

Skilled political consultant

As he was part of many global boardrooms he was able to make an impact in his entire political career. He skillfully suggested various successful policies to Clinton to initiate war on terror thereby suppressing terrorist forces on global platform.

He was also a member of the Aspen Homeland Security Group reflecting his prowess in almost all that he did. His association with the group was of international importance as it is a very high-profile group consisting of foreign policy intellectuals. They come together to decide on carving out only those polices that will make America a dominant partner in the world. Sandy Berger played a very important role while being part of this group in promoting counter-terrorism policies.

Sandy Berger evaluated terrorist activities and thereby made recommendations to policy makers to act accordingly to have a favorable public onion. His priceless contributions helped him to become a very notable figure in America. There were certain rumors which tried to tarnish his image but his valuable service while being part of America’s political organizations. Cannot be denied He has been a strategist with exemplary skill which was evident from the fact that he helped America cement relations with India and China thereby giving a new direction to American foreign policy. He also suggested initiating peace process in Middle East which was long ignored by other diplomats.



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