International FreelancersThat Transcend the Idea of Writing

International FreelancersThat Transcend the Idea of Writing

Write my essay? One rising industry, which savvy writers have come to know, is international freelance writing.

Write, revise, and get paid.

This is what’s supposed to be happening in your home-based freelance writing gig, right?

You have absolute freedom towards your working hours; you navigate your own ship. Now, who wouldn’t love that?

Freelance writers, particularly international freelance writers, enjoy not having to be committed to a single company in the long run. Rather,they just cash incomes in on successful projects from clients. Apart from the benefits they endow, there is also a wide set of reasons to shy away from foreign clientele.

Saying that writing, in its whole burdensome and tiring theme, is hard would be an understatement. There goes your much loved –or not – pre-writing activities that’ll take your hours. Top that with a 30-minute writer’s block when your ideas have run dry, and you will start feeling the tiredness oozing through your veins. You think it’s done now? No. You have to revise – lots of it.

For an international freelancer, who outsources his services in foreign territories, hurdles go beyond writing.

That Thing Called GMT

Writing for someone situated on a wholly different time zone, and grew in a relatively different culture is dead difficult. Answering their demands would mean embracing the need for top-notch versatility and quality to be displayed in your craft. Now, do I need to wake up in the middle of the night just to answer their queries or revise some of my work’s parts? The answer would be an overwhelming yes.

Pre-Writing Must-Haves

To jumpstart your international freelancing career, you have to register for an online account in various freelance writing websites. These websites function to serve as an intermediary between employers and freelance aspirants. So you think it is for free? No. These sites charge you fees to buy essay, having your funds safeguarded in an escrow account. Before I forget, you also have to procure for yourself that expanded notebook-like platform for writing – a laptop, best paired with Wi-Fi.

Payments System

So, are you scared of not getting paid? Worry more. I have been doing online freelance work for years now, and I would somehow like the idea of trading jobs or that of an office set-up – whose stability of payments has absolute guarantee. Freelancers across the globe have continuously complained of not getting paid on time – or not at all. A great deal of it has something to do with the quality of service that freelancing websites’ customer relations teams bring. These guys, tasked to answer your qualms, will never fail to infuriate you with their surgically executed “my apologies” and “We cannot assist you with that.”

Online Clowns

Throughout one’s international freelance writing career, it is impossible not to come across with these funny men – or not funny at all once you realize they are a pack of ravening scammers. They first entice you with words of flattery, feeding your intense hope for success. They attack your vulnerability and expose your weakness. Watch them bubble after you have clicked that ‘Turn In’ button!

Volatile Stash

While the aforementioned hurdles of international freelancing are all driven by external factors, this one appears to be a no-brainer. The Canadian dollar or British pound you received,after hours of toil, are subject to fluctuations in its value. This usually hurts you and your budget, especially when the exchange market takes an unusual charge.

I Cannot Party Later

In my opinion, this reason is second to not getting paid if we were to rank these problems. Due to stringent and unsteady working times freelancers have to deal with, they oftentimes struggle to strike a balance between work and personal life. Deadlines and revisions often hamper the freelancer’s ability to get the vodka on the rocks. I have had my fair share of parties I failed to attend – thanks to Mr. Ralph!

Getting By

With an array of problems international freelance writers face, it is imperative for them to create courses of action. Some of them are emphasized below:

  • S It is a given that you need to choose a field in writing you could excel most, with the exception of versatile and time-tested writers. Decisions,as to how much your family needs for this month or the number of working hours you could devote without diminishing content quality, will be your X factor. I failed to strategize as a rookie freelancer before, and I paid the whopping price – every single bit of it.
  • A This is where most online writers fail – scouting their potential clients. Your clients’truthfulness is mirrored by the ‘Reviews’ section in his profile represented by the number of stars. You could also ask for personal testimonials from people who have worked for your desired client. I once asked a friend’s suggestion about a certain client. He replied in one word, “refuse.”
  • Find the ‘insurance basket’. Contrary to my previous rage about freelance writing websites, each of them equips you with protection through setting of ‘milestones.’ These milestones give you the guarantee of being paid for at least a certain percentage of the contract money when you have completed a substantial part of your work. Outside writing, you should also embark on other profit-making activities. These things make you less anxious and tensed, if in case anything problematic arises.
  • Enjoy and work your butt off. Still remember that day you have sworn to yourself that you will be the best writer you could ever be? You have to rekindle that when pressure and deadlines start to rub. You got to love writing even more when your first two clients were nothing but fraudsters. Love the hours you put into work; you will reap the rewards after. There have been countless adversities I faced as a writer, but those never dragged me down.

If we were to combine the first word of each aforementioned suggestion, it would appear as ‘SAFE.’ Yeah, you got to be safe – you just need to be.

In this world plagued with so much frauds, you got to be sure that the hours and effort you put into your craft are being paid to the last cent – to keep the pot boiling.

Your work needs to count.

Experience pays, but awareness protects.

Work smartly.

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