Know about the health benefits of Mushrooms

Our body needs good amount of nutrients and vitamins for a proper growth and functioning. There are many things like fruits and vegetables that count a lot in the progress of our body. The fruits and vegetables give us all the fibre, proteins, and iron that the body needs to stay fit and healthy.

One such vegetable which is from an odd looking group but has a whole lot of natural compounds that are too good for our body is- “mushrooms”. Mushrooms belonging to a fungi family have long been celebrated as a good source of powerful nutrients. They are often grouped with other vegetables, where they provide many of the nutritional attributes of produce, as well as attributes more commonly which are commonly found in meat, beans or grains.

Mushrooms are very low in calories and are fat-free, cholesterol-free, and gluten-free. They have a very low amount of sodium, yet they provide important nutrients, including selenium, potassium (8%), riboflavin, niacin, vitamin D and many more. Therefore, it is essential to add mushrooms to your diet in any form may it be a vegetable cooked in less oil or a vegetable soup. How to make mushroom masala or how to make mushroom soup all can be checked online on various cooking or recipes sites to add a nice delicious taste to mushrooms.

Benefits of Mushrooms-

  • Good source of vitamin D-When exposed to sunlight, mushroom are said to be a good source of vitamin D. This is very good for the bladder selenium and iron which is very low in calories and good for the health.
  • Boost the immune system- The white button mushrooms found in the market are a good source of antiviral or proteins which they release and directly help in protecting and repairing the body tissues. It also helps in maturation of immune system cells that enhances the body immunity helping it to fight against many diseases, etc.
  • Boost the body metabolism- The mushrooms are said to be the factory house of Vitamin B2 and B3. This vitamin helps in turning the food into fuel i.e. the carbohydrates to glucose.
  • Good for the bladder –Selenium which is found in our body is measured in the blood serum. The higher the amount the lower is the risk of bladder cancer. Therefore, eating mushrooms in diet means getting rid of all such diseases and leading a healthy and happy life.

Therefore, mushrooms are not only delicious but they do have a lot of health benefits. They are used in many dishes like used in burgers, side dishes with chopped tomatoes and garlic, even in the omelettes, salads, soups and many other flavours of dishes. Trying them at home is very simple as they are simple to cook and delicious in taste. They are a great appetizer and are also considered equally good in weight management. Because of so many benefits mushrooms should be included in the diet plan to avail all the benefits of the wonderful vegetable.


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