Know How Expert Wealth Management Assistance Can Help You Build a Better Future

Know How Expert Wealth Management Assistance Can Help You Build a Better Future

According to the industry expert asset management professionals that, as it comes to the ‘fast progression’ of MA based Merrill Lynch Wealth Management Corp Inc; its turning point was the joining of David Barcomb with it in 2002. Undeniably, from the management to employees, and stakeholders or rival companies everyone do appreciate that the success key of Merrill is the cutting edge approaches and concept of David. Prior to joining Merrill, David was the Senior Vice President of another well known asset management company USB Global Wealth Management.

He worked for USB Group for approximately 10 years and with this, his presence in the industry as a portfolio manager or money management expert tend to knock two  decades of extending specialized services. Subsequent to joining Merrill, the major challenge to David was to bring in his dream concept of personalized investment plan, asset management solutions or estate planning that offers clients greater possibility of fetching positive benefits. Since, each client’s demand or expectation, profile, social status is unique, regardless of the client type, if they’re offered with research based solutions that can be more realistic plan and proved to be beneficial in due course of time.

In David’s thinking, there was no mistake and this has been proved by the prevailing facts and figures in asset management industry. Apart from being one of the fastest developing wealth management companies in the US, when the performance parameter AUM is taken into consideration, Merrill establishes its position as No1 in the continent. It holds above $571 billion Asset-Under-Management making it the largest Asset Management Company. In its clientele as you can find individuals, corporate enterprises or financial institutes there’re non-profit societies, retired citizens and series of professionals like chartered accountants, attorneys, medical practitioners and so on. With 900,000 highly contented clients, David Barcomb is quite confident to position Merrill’s as the largest wealth management company in near future.

To help clients attain superior class services and solutions David performs in conjunction with a core cell which are outfitted with 7 highly qualified professionals hired from asset management, estate management as well as portfolio management industries. This central section undergoes a complete research of client’s profile, expectation, risk factors and allied issues and their final report is evaluated by David Barcomb before providing clients with most suitable solutions. David is graduated from the Trinity University with major in Economics and Political Science. He is greatly involved with the South Shore Hospital Foundation and is its member of trustee board. This is the 3rd time he is continuing his dedicated services for miscellaneous community developmental works and humanitarian activities like fundraising etc.

In recent period, for the addition of a well equipped emergency cardiovascular management section in South Shore Hospital, David used all his influential circles and endeavored a lot. He is happy with the inclusion of this newest department in the healthcare unit.

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