Lew Perkins : Former KU Athletic Director Serves As Assistant On Feminine Basketball Team

Lew Perkins : Former KU Athletic Director Serves As Assistant On Feminine Basketball Team

In the majority of the cases those who take in all over the spotlight in the sports world are the players. Few words are said about those who coach the players to reach their performances, and when words do make it in the media, people are more interested in scandals rather than a professional’s achievements. It is also the case of former Athletic Director at the Kansas University, Mr. Lew Perkins.

For seven years, between 2003 and 2010 Perkins was one of the best athletic directors in the world, successfully leading the Athletic department of Kansas University. Before taking in the spot at KU of Al Bohl, Perkins was in charge of similar positions at other reputed universities, such as the University of Connecticut, the University of Maryland or the Wichita State University.

During his seven years of being in charge of the Athletic Department, Lew Perkins managed to double the budget from nearly $27 million to $55 million. Moreover, the university obtained an impressive sports resume, including winning the 2008 Orange Bowl and Insight Bowl for the football team or the 2008 NCAA Basketball Championship title obtained by the men’s basketball team. KU also took pride for the feminine results obtained by the women’s volleyball team or soccer team.

Under the strict guidance of Perkins, the Kansas Athletics fundraising reached record levels. The KU campus visibly improved during 2006-2009, some of the most expensive projects including the $42 million improvements made in 2009 for adding a brand-new basketball training facility, new locker rooms, a new donor atrium and other concourses. Perkins managed to raise substantial funds to improve the softball’s team facilities as well as the rowing team. For his achievements in 2008 Perkins was acknowledged by the Time Magazine as one of the top-35 best sport executives worldwide.

On September 7, 2010 Perkins announced his retirement from the KU but didn’t go into the shadows. He remained in the sports world, becoming the assistant coach of the feminine basketball team at Seabury Academy. Perkins’ superior position is held by Coach Becky Bridson. The Athletic Director of Seabury affirmed that Perkins “has seen some good basketball” and that he can surely help improving the team. Perhaps the decision of the former KU Athletic Director was influenced by the fact that his daughter, Amy, served in the admission’s board of directors at Seabury during 2007 and 2008. The Seabury Academy is a prestigious private high school located in Lawrence, Kansas.


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