List of Materials Used For Stair Nosing

List of Materials Used For Stair Nosing

Reducing the number of accidents is the primary need of the industry owners these days. Since stairs are a common part of building, taking all the measures that eliminate the chances of accidents is very essential. Though numerous methods have emerged to reduce the chances of slips and trips, stair nosing among the many has evolved to be the latest and most valuable way. This particular way tends to be the most effective way to ensure safety.

Stair nosing is a very simple way, where an additional material is used on the slippery surface to eliminate the chances of accidents. Steps often lack visibility due to low light and this is why people very easily skip a step and encounters an accident.  This simple yet highly efficient system makes a better choice as they offer additional space for the stepping and availability in different colors makes them a valuable option in terms of visibility and looks.

Stair nosing has become quite common these days and they can be found both in commercial and residential areas. However, the major decision lies in making use of a proper material for this purpose. The list of materials that can be used are many, here are the names of some of them.


This is a very common material that can be used anywhere. Regardless of commercial or residential, making use of rubber staitnosing is definitely a preferable decision as it is slip resistant. Rubber is one such substance that has an adhesive nature and, therefore, possess more than enough capability to lessen the chances of accidents. In order to make the stairs safe for using, rubber stair edging is undeniably a feasible choice.

Stair Nosing


This is one of the most common types of materials used since ages by the engineers. Since the use of aluminum is nothing new and is always the primary choice of engineers, aluminum is the primary choice. These are very strong and have an incredible potential to withstand the loads. With numerous developments, it has been given variable designs and thus they become appropriate for use in stairs. Due to its efficiency, this particular design can be found in many areas.


Oak stair treads look outstanding and is known for its functionality. More than its functionality, it is known for its stunning looks. These are being shaped in a fantastic way and then placed on stairs. This simple way has an immense potential to enhance the looks of the space. So wait no further and opt for oak stair nosing to make your home or office look impressive.


FRP or Fibre Reinforced Plastics is another useful product being used for industrial purpose. Apart from manufacturing the huge industrial structures, FRP is extensively utilized on stair as stair edging. These are resistant to chemicals and moisture, have great durability, thermal resistant and can be washed by simple household procedure. From the many other valuable materials, FRP seems to be the preferable choice.

Hopefully, the above-mentioned points have helped you acquire huge knowledge on stair nosing. So make choose the materials you want to use and ensure safety to a promising extent.


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